Jobbler of the Month, February – Emilio Rodriguez


Emilio Rodriguez is a native of Bronx, New York. It wasn’t until January of 2018 when Emilio hopped on the Jobble train. Just two days into using Jobble, Emilio found a part-time, overnight job that he currently holds today. It’s now been nearly two months of working with Jobble and he’s been described as a “reliable” Jobbler who makes it a priority to show up for work.

“I like the lack of micromanagement. I am allowed to follow my schedule, report to work, and get paid without a boss. That’s what makes work relaxing and enjoyable” – Emilio Rodriguez

When we asked Emilio what he likes about his job, he told us it’s the freedom from micromanagement that he enjoys the most. As anyone can imagine, working an overnight job can be quite difficult for many reasons. We all have our own preferred work environment and luckily Emilio was able to find his through Jobble. From the time he worked his first shift until now, Emilio’s hard work ethic remains unwaveredーa true testament to his hard-working nature.

“We’re lucky to have him on board.  I couldn’t ask for more from a Jobbler that takes their work as seriously as Emilio does. ” – Matt Pozner, Director of Growth

When he’s not grinding on Jobble, Emilio spends his free time crafting music.  As an original rap artist, Emilio, known as Wes Cravv, writes and produces all of his own music. From freestyles to thought-provoking poetry, Emilio creates content that everyone can appreciate. Not only is Emilio a rapper but he’s also an inspiring author and specializes in comic material. His dream job to be Editor and Chief of his own comic book series. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for Wes Cravv!
There’s more to Emilio than just being a hard worker and an artist. He is a big animal lover and has plenty of pets to show for it, from cats to turtles!

“I just love them all. Too many to name but I love them all” – Emilio Rodriguez

From all of us here at Jobble, we appreciate your hard work, commitment and the positive energy that you bring. We’re excited to see you take advantage of more opportunities through Jobble and wish you great success in your future. Congratulations Emilio.

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