Jobbler of the Month, March – Maryley Carrillo


Maryley Carrillo, 32, Pacoima CA
March’s outstanding Jobbler is Pacoima native, Maryley Carrillo. Since joining Jobble in April of 2017 Maryley has worked a number of positions and received praised reviews from her hiring managers. Retail help, event help, and brand ambassador work are some of Maryley’s favorite jobs to work on Jobble.

“Each job has taught me a new skill and introduced me to so many people. Just last weekend I worked at a food industry expo where I met CEO of Eden Foods.” -Marley Carrillo

So how did Maryley find out about Jobble? It was word of mouth. Just a game of telephone lead Maryley to find numerous opportunities in the last year. What keeps her coming back is her eagerness to work special events. Putting herself out there and representing herself and her job is what Maryley does best. But that doesn’t surprise us, she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Marketing, so of course she knows a thing or two about the networking realm.

“I am a quick learner and great brand ambassador. I know the importance of a brand’s image and can represent any company to its marketing standards. I love introducing consumers to new products.” – Marley Carrillo

Hard work doesn’t stop there with Maryley, though. When she puts the Jobble app down, she picks up a paintbrush. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words are 10 murals worth? That’s right, Maryley has painted 10 murals to-date! This alone tells us all a lot about her ambitious nature. One of Maryley’s favorite pastimes is to explore California’s street art. She also has a special place in her heart for eclectic art museums.
With all that said, when we asked her what her dream job was, she responded, to no surprise, “a Museum Art Director.” In case you couldn’t already tell, Maryley is one impressive art enthusiast at heart.
Maryley told us that she also has a basset hound. He goes by the name of Bruno and is described as a “stubborn family dog that loves to sleep all day.” Well Maryley, if you ever need a dog sitter, Jobble will gladly watch him for the day. I’m sure Bruno and our office frenchie Bruce would hit it off!
From all of us here at Jobble, we appreciate your hard work, commitment and the positive energy that you bring. We’re excited to see you take advantage of more opportunities through Jobble and wish you great success in your future. Congratulations, Maryley!

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