Social Media has Changed Events – for the Better!


Our friend, Julius Solaris, over at the EMB just posted a great Slideshare on how social media has forever changed the way events are executed. In the past, marketers and event professionals were unable to quickly connect with their event patrons. All that changed with the advent and full adoption of social media as a powerful connecting force.
We know that a good media campaign integrates social into all aspects of an event leads to a huge positive impact on the success of an event. But – some event professionals still don’t have the tools or buy in from upper management needed to properly execute with social. This results in putting social media at the back of the budget, when it should be a top priority!

To really ramp up the social engagement of an event you need the buy in from management, better tools, and a focus on social budget – the easiest way to prove impact is to show results. So, here are a few tips from the Slideshare on how you can quickly see results from social marketing:
1. Social Proof – when people tweet your event hashtag with positive feedback, you can show anyone that your event was a success. (Not to mention all the followers who see and respond to positive tweets)
2. Session mapping – Following sessions specific hashtags and people can show the amount of engagement a session received as well as the feedback form attendees.
3. Hot topics – If you measure and collect the social data, keywords, and hot topics people talked about during the event you can better target your future marketing with these killer keywords.

Wondering how you can ramp up the social efforts of your next event? Well, just create a post on Jobble and we can help find Brand Ambassadors, Social advocates, and more to spread the word and get people tweeting, posting, and talking at your next event. 

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