How Jobble Works [Infographic]

By Chris Kiertz
July 31, 2017

Throughout our careers, and even our lifetimes, we’ve all had to learn new things. Whether it’s riding a bike, opening a bank account, or writing persuasive blog posts (am I doing ok so far?). Some result in a newfound sense of freedom (bank account), while others result in falling into a thornbush (definitely not the bank account). Luckily for you, learning how to use Jobble is easy and won’t result in a trip to the hospital!

If you’re new here, first, welcome! Second, the concept of Jobble is simple: businesses post jobs to a community of people who are ready to work. But as with learning any new platform, it’s likely a bit different than what you’re used to. We could just list out all the steps, but we wanted to create something that clearly illustrated the process, from signup to payment.

It’s important to remember that Jobble is a marketplace made up of both businesses and Jobblers (what we like to call our community of workers). Without one side, we can’t possibly have the other. As with any marketplace, Jobble works best when both sides work in harmony with one another. That’s why we designed this helfpul infographic to show how it works for both businesses and Jobblers side-by-side, so you can truly understand the process as a whole.

Oh and if you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so below!

Business Signup | Jobbler Signup



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