Jobbler(s) of the Month, May – Algia and Riko

BY Christina Bonanno

01 Jun, 2017

Jobbler(s) of the Month, May – Algia and Riko

BY Christina Bonanno

This month we decided to switch up our Jobbler of the Month a little by featuring not one, but two Jobblers! Algia Benjamin and Riko Bol are natives to Boston and have been members of Jobble since August of 2016. As long-time pals, Algia and Riko turned their passion into action and started an after-school program called DEILAB. DELIAB helps to teach young kids about design, engineering and innovation. Legos, robotics and coding are used to stimulate and develop the minds of their students. The extracurricular program has been implemented into schools throughout the Boston, Brighton and the Cambridge area.
Most recently, Algia and Riko have been star ambassadors of the Eversource energy program put on at various schools across Massachusetts. We asked them some questions to get to know them better, see what they like to do during their free time and their favorite parts about working through Jobble!

Q: Why do you enjoy working for Jobble?

Algia: I enjoy working for Jobble because it brings good people together and I feel accomplished afterwards. Jobble turns the mundane into easy and fun experiences. I am able to demonstrate my skills and experiences effectively, in turn, creating lasting opportunities long after the event is over.
Riko: I enjoy Jobble because of its flexibility and how it makes me feel in control of my professional development. I specifically like the relationship building and working with a diverse group of people and business professionals. I have a marketing background and what attracted me to the sales/marketing field is the idea that I would be working with people, not for people. I love understanding complex challenges and finding solutions that would benefit all parties involved. I love being able to utilize my people skills to accomplish my objective.

Q: What skills do you believe you provide to employers?

Algia: I am hardworking, engaging and knowledgeable. I take pride in my after-school program, teaching and engaging young people about different topics in the technology and engineering fields.
Riko: I provide so much when working with clients. I bring a personal approach to everything I do and lead with respect. I have excellent people and communication skills that allow me to stay on task and provide a professional and satisfying experience.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t working?

Algia: I love to travel and attend concerts and festivals.
Riko: When I am not working, I love to spend time with friends and meet new people. I believe life is the best teacher and learning is my second nature. I love spending time with my dog as well, I have a two and a half year old pit bull and she means the world to me.

Taking Part in the Jobble Community

Algia and Riko are great additions to the Jobble community. They’re actively involved in our community and many others. They strive to do their best and are always looking for new ways to learn and in turn, showing and teaching everyone around them. We’re very excited to see both ambassadors continue to grow and participate in new endeavors both on and off the platform.
From our Jobble team, we congratulate you again on your contributions to the community and all your hard work and dedication. We wish you continued success and are honored to dedicate this month’s blog post to you both! You deserve it!  

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