The Ultimate Jobbler Profile Picture: 5 Things to Take into Consideration

BY Julia Ryder

24 Jan, 2020

The Ultimate Jobbler Profile Picture: 5 Things to Take into Consideration

BY Julia Ryder

You know what they say, first impressions count. You only receive one shot to make a positive first impression. When it comes down to online profiles, first impressions are made extremely quickly and often made before you meet the person. As a Jobbler, it is very important to select an appropriate picture to portray the right image on your Jobble profile. There are several things to keep in mind before selecting your profile picture.

Say Cheese

Studies show that smiling goes a long way with future employers. A closed mouth smile increases the likability from viewers. Go the extra mile, and show some teeth. A smile with teeth emits a sense of likability, competence, and influence.


 Make sure you select a photo with attire that is dependent on the industry you are most interested in doing work for. More importantly, remember that the lower half of your body should not be shown, focus on your torso up.


Remember the old acronym K.I.S.S, (Keep It Simple Sweetie), this still applies when taking your profile picture. Your profile picture should be simple and a good representation of your professional character.

False Identification Alert

Who doesn’t love a picture of a french bulldog puppy, better yet a picture of an insanely cute baby. Although, these pictures are adorable, your potential boss may not think so. When it comes down to your Jobbler profile picture, don’t fall into the common trend of using a photo of something other than you. It is crucial that you choose a photo that does not confuse the viewer or misconstrue your image. 

Electric Backgrounds

 Even the background of your profile picture is important. Double-check that there is nothing distracting behind you before you take that ultimate shot. Busy backgrounds are a way for viewers to care more about your dirty dishes than you. Another helpful hint, bright colored backgrounds are recommended and often stand out from the crowd of other Jobblers.
Keeping all of these details in mind, check your account, and chose a picture that you think embodies professionalism. Once you lock down a great picture, it can be used across all of your social media profiles that are connected with your professional life. With just a few adjustments, you can create a lasting impression with your future employers on Jobble. Always remember to keep your picture up to date. Good luck!

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