Your Guide to the Gig Economy

By Julia Ryder
January 26, 2017

If there’s an iron law of business, it is that that the world never stands still. Technology is always changing, and with it comes new business practices, capabilities, and expectations. The most successful businesses are the ones that make the most of new developments, adapting to changes in the marketplace before competitors have a chance to do the same. The quicker you are to adapt, the better you can take advantage of developments that improve productivity, quality, and compliance.

Advent of the Gig Economy

The most consequential change in the modern market is arguably the advent of the gig economy. The result of online marketing and a changing labor force, gigs open up new possibilities for firms that are looking for skilled workers. Companies of all stripes can benefit from the growing gig economy, and the sooner you learn how it works, the more you will get out of it.

Staying On Top of the Trends

The economy is always changing, but with proper guidance, your company can adapt to it and thrive. For more information on the gig economy, download and enjoy our free Savvy Employer’s Guide to the Gig Economy.

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