Your Key to Success: Scaling up for Seasonal Retail

By Julia Ryder
October 17, 2019

For retail businesses, research into maximizing profits during traditionally busy seasonal periods usually focuses on getting the latest and greatest tech toys, fads, and in-demand gifts ordered, shipped, received, and displayed on time. Negotiations into late-year shipments and planning for retail layout takes place well before the winter jackets come out, and warm weather items fill up invoices before spring even has a chance to arrive.

There’s a huge part of the equation that often ends up as a panicked afterthought, however: seasonal labor. Without men and women to unpack, sort, shelve, price, and – above all – sell those products, all of that careful planning will do nothing but gather dust and leave depressing sales reports in its wake.



So where’s the disconnect? Why do smart, well-prepared businesses almost always run into the same hiring crunch when it comes time to onboard seasonal retail workers? The National Retail Federation expects retailers to hire between 530,000 and 590,000 temporary workers nationwide in 2019, which means that there’s no shortage of individuals willing to work those positions. Connecting the two halves, however, isn’t as straightforward as it might seem.

There are a number of persistent challenges that come to mind when you are trying to hire reliable seasonal help. Download the Seasonal Retail Hiring Guide and find the answers to some of the most common issues with finding and keeping seasonal help.


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