3 Types of High Paying, Online Jobs in the Gig Economy

online jobs in the gig economy

Quarantine has led to an increase in several gig opportunities, from full-time to part-time jobs. There are many kinds of gig opportunities that you can do from the comfort of your own home. If you enjoy working with technology, these are the kinds of online jobs in the gig economy that you should consider. For most of these, the roles are already high-paying but, the more experience you have, the more you could earn!

1. Website and Design Development Jobs

There are countless gig economy jobs that fall in the category of website and design development. You should consider bolstering your own experience with online courses or certifications to earn more money. Here are a few job titles for your reference.

  • Web Designer – The appearance of every website is in the hands of web designers. Anyone with high creativity and attention to detail is suitable for the job.
  • Front End Developer – Someone skilled with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can work as a front end developer.
  • Web Analyst– The role is to use data analytics and analyze the users’ behavior to improve website design. The job can earn $53,000 to $89,000 a year, according to the skill level. 
  • UX Developer – A UX developer works closely with the website designer and web developer. The job role is to check on the accessibility and functionality of a website.
  • Full-Stack Developer– This job requires work on both front end and back-end development. Additionally, it includes programming browsers, databases, servers and prototypes. The salary ranges based on skill level.
  • WordPress Developer– The developer creates WordPress themes for their clients. Because of this, creativity plays a prominent role here.

2. Online Teaching and Tutoring Jobs

Top universities have provided distance education to various students worldwide. Because of this, they have created a demand for online teachers and tutors. Here are different types of online teaching and tutoring gigs.

  • Online Coding Instructor– Children and teenagers have now started to get into the ABCs of Coding. As a result, a coding expert can be a successful online Coding Instructor.
  • Virtual Corporate Trainer– Many companies hire virtual corporate trainers to train their employees via virtual workshops.
  • Virtual Fitness Coach– If you’re passionate about health, fitness, and exercise, you should consider this kind of job. While you could do this as an amateur, you’d benefit from taking training courses to feel comfortable teaching.

3. Developer Jobs

With a high demand for skillful developers, employers are keenly searching for gig coders. Talented programmers are required for a variety of different applications. As a result, you can get a lot of jobs if you have skills that speak to these kinds of jobs.

  • Freelance Java Developer – Experience with Java can provide you with gig work to design and manage high-end applications.
  • Freelance Python Developer – Core python, machine learning & AI and analytical skills will fetch you the python developer job. The work will be based on developing, designing, and debugging server-side applications.
  • Gig Based Android Developer – Tough experience on android software development kit and IDE can help you be tuned as a skilled android developer.
  • Data Scientist Developer– If you have a brief knowledge of SQL databases, Hadoop platform, Data visualization and machine learning, then you should explore data scientist developer gigs.

About the Author: Shashank Dubey is a contributor to the Brndle Themes. He is a digital marketer and a blogger geek. Because of this, he is enthusiastic about writing articles about WordPress, SEO, Marketing, Web Design and more.

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