5 Words You Really Should Have On Your Resume


In order to have a quality resume, you’ll want to have the right wording. That gives you the chance to show what you can offer to an employer and how you can add to their team if you’re hired. Since your resume is the first thing a new employer sees, you’ll want to make sure it leaves a good impression, so they’ll call you about an opportunity. To get their attention in the right way, the proper wording makes all the difference. Here are five words you need to add to your resume today.

1. Organized

Whether you’re organizing people, teams, resources, or something else, a potential new employer needs to know that. By adding this word to your resume, you’re letting people know you can take charge. It also shows that you know how to bring people or resources together to get the job done. Make sure to state what you organized, and how long you were in charge of that work.

2. Strategized

Working with others to create a strategy is an important part of being on a team or in an organization. Companies need people who think for themselves but can also work well with other people. By talking about your work strategizing with others, you show your planning skills to a potential employer and give them something to consider. The ability to plan with others matters.

3. Executed

Anything you’ve implemented and been hands-on about should use this word. Naturally, you’ve probably worked on projects or helped develop ideas with others. But what have you created and done on your own? By addressing the things you’ve executed you can help sell yourself to a potential new employer. Your resume needs this word to showcase what you can do.

4. Researched

If you had a great idea for something new, or someone else did, and you wanted to see about implementing it, you’d need to do some research into making it happen. Depending on what you researched, you’ll want to list this important skill on your resume. Companies need people who can look into the past and see how others accomplished things, so those ideas can be used again.

5. Optimized

No matter what kind of company you worked in before, you probably took an idea, product, or service and found ways to make it better. Whether you did that all on your own or helped others with it, you were a part of optimizing that area. Adding that information to your resume helps a company that’s thinking about hiring you see what all you can offer to them if you work there.

Naturally, you want to be truthful on your resume. If you really don’t have any experience in one or more of these categories it’s best not to say you do. But think carefully about your past and current work. It’s likely there’s something to be said for each word listed here that’s truthful and that will add value to your resume. Companies often scan new resumes for keywords, and you want to make sure you have the words they’re looking for to give you the very best chance of being hired.

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About the Author: Michelle Dakota Beck has worked as a professional freelance writer since the 1990s. During that time she has written everything from product descriptions to full-length books. Her areas of specialization include real estate, home services, legal topics, relationships, family life, and mental health issues. You can find her on WriterAccess.

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