6 Career Development Podcasts To Start Listening To

career development podcast

You could use some career advice, but you also don’t have time to read a lot of books or scour the Internet for hours. Sound familiar? If so, listening to a career development podcast can help you learn what you need to know while still multi-tasking to your heart’s delight. Without further ado, we present 6 career development podcasts to check out in 2021.

Career Development Podcasts That Can Inspire or Guide You

Brand Fifty

Aimed at people 50 and over who are ready to embrace entrepreneurship and/or gig work, Brand Fifty highlights the success stories of several older workers. From losing jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic to turning side hustles into successful businesses, anyone who has passed the 50th birthday milestone has much to learn here.  

inFLOW with Michelle Bosch

People attracted to gig work often enjoy setting up passive income streams as well. Michelle Bosch teaches women of all ages how to create passive cash flow through real estate investing while also tuning into your spirituality. The key is to learn how to welcome an inFLOW of cash, faith, and grace in your life, and this high-earning real estate professional will show you how.

Lead to Win

Are you looking to improve your business leadership skills? Michael Hyatt & Company, the brains behind this career development podcast, will help you do just that with valuable lessons such as how to improve your focus, delegate work when you’re the lead on a gig assignment, improve your energy by caring for your health, and much more.


This one seems especially applicable to independent workers in the gig economy. Whether you’re looking to forge a new career path with gig work or stick with what you’re doing but change the way you do it, Pivot for you. The host of this career development podcast is Jenny Blake, former career coach with Google.

Professional Development for Women and Minorities

Hosted by the Career Communications Group, this podcast empowers women and minorities to succeed in business no matter what their goals. Topics you can expect to listen to include Leadership and Excellence in Diversity, How to Become a Government Employee, How to Ace Tests to Get the Credentials You Need for Your Dream Job, and more on similar themes.

Side Hustle School

Maybe you have a full-time traditional job but want to break into gig work. Whether the reason is for extra cash or to explore a possible career change in small doses, you can find all things side hustle with this career development podcast.

We hope you find a career development podcast on this list that matches your interest. If not, you’re sure to find just what you need with a simple search engine query since podcasts are a huge business.

About the Author: Lisa Kroulik has worked as a freelance content marketing writer for 10 years. She loves the work and the lifestyle it affords. Learn more about Lisa’s work and availability through Writer Access.

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