6 Reasons Why You Need to Work a Gig (Even If You Are Employed Full-time)

Cartoon of people working in a bakery stand.

What if I told you that working more could be better for your health, wallet, and social life? And no, this plan doesn’t involve going in early or staying late at the office. Though it may seem counterintuitive, working in the gig economy provides these benefits. 

Before I convince you why you should join the gig economy, you first need to know what a gig is. A gig is a job where an independent contractor is hired to work a specific role at a specific time. Companies such as Uber, Lyft, Fiverr, and Jobble have brought the gig economy to the mainstream. Here is why you should give it a try:

1. You’ll earn extra income

Want to buy a car or go on vacation? Maybe even save for early retirement? No matter what your financial goals are, taking on gig work will speed up the process. Pay raises can take years to obtain depending on your profession. By working gig jobs around your 9-5, you can immediately gain supplementary income to accelerate your financial goals. 

2. You’ll get a change of pace

The grind of your daily work routine can take a toll on your physical and mental health. Instead of switching jobs, consider taking on a gig for a refreshing change of pace. A new workplace, a new task, and a new routine. You will also have new co-workers, which brings us to #3…

3. You’ll meet new people

Gig jobs bring people from all walks of life together – from young adults just entering the workforce to retirees. You never know who you’ll encounter. Maybe you’ll meet your new best friend, connect with a person who will help you advance in your career, or someone who can give you restaurant recommendations. Taking a gig job is an organic way to meet people you otherwise would not.

4. You’ll gain more independence

The Mayo Clinic suggests that one of the major factors in job burnout is lack of control. The gig economy allows you to harness the independence of self-employment without the need for venture capital or massive risk. With gig work, you can choose what task you want to do and when. This could be anything from working one weekend at a tech conference to driving for a catering service during your lunch break. When you’re a gig worker, you not only create your own schedule but also become your boss. 

5. You’ll have more opportunities for professional development

If experience is the best teacher, there is nothing better to do than get more experience. Gigs provide immediate experience to share with future employers. Also, many of the skills needed for your gig are transferable to other jobs. Working as a brand ambassador could cultivate your customer service skills, whereas you could gain event management skills by working as a supervisor at a large scale event.

6. You’ll explore new interests

The nature of the gig economy allows you to try out different options. Use the freedom of the gig economy to try out jobs without the pressure of having to make it a full-time career. Have a passion for fitness? Try working at a running race or a health and wellness expo. Love jazz? Sign-up to work at a music festival. The emergence of the gig economy marketplace has made it as easy as few taps on your phone to find these positions.

I am NOT advocating that you quit your full-time job for your budding gig career. However, the gig economy provides a unique opportunity for any individual, no matter their full-time career.

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