7 Tips to Structure Your Workday for Maximum Productivity

structured workday

Are you wondering where your time went after every workday? Why you feel unproductive? If you always feel this way, you might want to consider building up a structure for your work process. A structured workday makes it easier for you to reach maximum productivity consistently.

Here are seven tips on structuring your workday to be productive.

1. Plan your structured workday

If you have a plan for each workday, then you’re going to be able to figure out what you need to do without having to fuss around a bit at the start of your workday.

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Knowing what you need to do for a particular workday makes it easier for you to get straight to work. Of course, just listing down what you need to do won’t make you efficient. It would be best to plan your structured workday the day before. Figure out which is the most important task to finish for the day, and don’t forget to consult your calendar. Do this at the end of every day. That way, you won’t be fumbling about on the day of to figure out what it is that you’re supposed to be doing today.

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2. Prioritize your tasks

Part of planning your day for work is knowing which tasks are most important for the day to accomplish. When writing down your tasks for today, you should also have a big-picture item that you need to accomplish on this day, no matter what. That way, if there are several tasks you need to do, you can start by doing the more crucial tasks instead of getting distracted.

You’ll be more efficient because you will be able to end the day knowing that you finished a primary task on your to-do list. Even if you don’t complete the other minor tasks, what’s important is that you completed the crucial one.

3. Create a checklist

With a checklist, you’ll be able to ensure that you’ve covered all of your bases and have done every task that needs doing. It also gives you a minute dose of positive hormones that make you feel good every time you’re able to cross off or check a box in your to-do checklist.

Checklists are also great for breaking down the main steps in a massive task or undertaking. That way, you can stay on track with what needs to be done.

4. Never put off important tasks

Procrastination is one thing that many people have been guilty of before, so you shouldn’t make it a habit to put off any critical tasks. If you need to do it, it means that you should do it immediately.

You’ll be much happier and less stressed out knowing that the “mega-important task” on your to-do list is something that you already finished.

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5. Check email at a designated time

Checking your inbox can be a regular part of your routine as an employee or entrepreneur. But you shouldn’t be dotting your workday with times for email checking when it’s disrupting your work.

Therefore, it’s better that you allocate designated periods when you check and respond to emails.

It will depend entirely on your routine and preference, but having a designated email checking time is more organized than reading them when you feel like it.

6. Group similar tasks

You can organize your work process by grouping similar tasks and dedicating a period when you do those specific categories. For example, you can reserve a period when you respond to all messages, like email, messages, social media, etc.

Grouping similar tasks together is an excellent way of getting a lot done in a set time.

7. Take real breaks

You need to take actual breaks to ensure that you are healthy enough to be productive.

The thing about productivity is that it isn’t only about being able to do as much as possible. It’s also about being able to do what you need to do without exhausting your body.

Besides, on your way to becoming as productive as possible, you’ll find that the healthier you are both in body and mind, the better you are at work. That’s why you need to do everything that will make your body as healthy as possible, and one of the ways to do that is by taking any necessary breaks.

Aside from your lunch breaks in the middle of a workday, small breaks between each work task also help make you more productive. It gives you a much-needed mental and physical break to wear yourself down every day.

Now you’re ready to plan your structured workday

These tips are a few of the numerous suggestions that could help create a workable structure for your work routine.

It shouldn’t be the end-all-be-all of your work process. It’s an ongoing process that you have to figure out for yourself, but these tips should help you start the right way.

Try these out and tweak them whenever you want so that you finally have a structured workday that works for you.

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About the Author: Raymond Chiu is the Director of Operations for Maid Sailors Commercial Cleaning Service New York, a top-rated office cleaning service provider. Matched with affordable prices, we can address even the toughest cleaning needs and can turn your workplace into a healthy, safe, and employee-friendly environment.

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