7 Ways to Improve Mental Health in your Workplace

Improve Mental Health in your Workplace

Mental health at the workplace can no longer be overlooked. According to the Mental Health Foundation, one in six people suffer mental health problems at work. The study also showed that women are twice as likely to suffer mental health problems at work when compared to men. 

Working conditions can significantly influence our mindset while working, impacting our ability to perform well. Not only that but in encouraging better mental health practices, businesses can generate more revenue. According to the Mental Health Foundation, businesses in the UK can save up to $8billion every year.

Addressing mental health is going to require significant systematic changes. With that said, here are seven ways that both businesses and employees can take to improve mental well-being at the workplace.

Start by Performing an Assessment

The first step to a healthy mental status involves performing a mental assessment. From an employer standpoint, this is great as it will help you fight mental health, which is detrimental to the productivity and success of your business. Consider looking for signs that indicate a poor psychological state, such as sudden behavioral changes, decreased productivity, lack of morale or motivation, and flashes of anger.

There are other ways of performing a psychological assessment, including an anonymous survey. Workers will not mind this assessment one bit as the name suggests; the test is completely anonymous and does not ‘implicate’ anyone. 

From a worker’s standpoint, it would be in your best interest to perform a personal assessment as opposed to waiting for your employers. There are immense benefits that come with doing so, including productivity and a greater sense of direction and peace. You can do this by speaking to a professional. 

Connect with a Professional 

It is important to talk to someone, preferably a licensed practitioner, about mental health. Connecting with a professional is the most effective way to receive medical treatment for psychological conditions. Remember, it is treatable. Most people who connect with professionals recover fully. 

Create Opportunities to Learn About Mental Health

From an employer standpoint, it would be best if you created opportunities for your employees to learn about mental health. For instance, you could start by offering programs and benefits that feature comprehensive health packages.

From an employee standpoint, consider educating yourself on mental health. Start by finding out the triggers, including stress, anxiety, and mood disorders. 

Talk About Mental Health

Most people believe an issue is half solved if it is talked about.  From an employee standpoint, scheduling one on one meetings with employees would be great. Remember, approximately 13% of all sickness days that employees take can be attributed to mental health. 

From an employee standpoint, opening up to people you trust at work can help improve your psychological state. Close connections with fellow peers can offer the most powerful avenue to dealing with mental health. 

Consider Switching to a Healthier Lifestyle

From an employee standpoint, making the conscious decision to lead a healthy life could have immense benefits on your mental health. A healthy lifestyle could go a long way to boost your mood.

A healthy lifestyle simply refers to a way of living that minimizes the risk of injury, illness, or premature death. It includes leading a life with little to no stress, eating clean and healthy foods while having an adequate amount of exercise. 

Instead of eating those foods classified as ‘junk’ or empty calorie foods while at work, consider eating healthier alternatives. Additionally, create time from your schedule to work out or have some form of physical exercise. Doing this will greatly improve your mindset while at work. 

According to a research article published by BMC Public health, healthy lifestyle behaviors significantly increase an individual’s odds at proper mental health while reducing symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. A healthy lifestyle is important, especially when you don’t feel like it. 

Move Throughout the Day

The current workplace is characterized by long periods of sitting down while facing the computer. And while technology has made it easier for us to work, it has also affected our health. This could lead to depression, anxiety, and mood disorders.

Instead of sitting down the whole day, consider having walking around, or engaging fellow employees, taking the stairs instead of the lift or simply having some sunshine hit your face. Regardless, move around and get your mind off things for a few minutes.

Believe In Your Own Value

A lot of mental health problems stem from flaws in perceptions and self-worth. Treat yourself with kindness and respect. Consider creating time for your hobbies and other projects that appeal to you. Also, it would be great if you took on projects that bring happiness and a feeling of self-worth.

Surround yourself with positive people who are generally ‘happy’ and discard those who seek to bring negativity to your life. Also, it would be great if you tried your hand with meditation, prayer, or mindfulness. 

About the Author: Laura Garbers spends her days making sentences. She has been writing about search engines for over a decade now. Her writing has influenced major corporations to rethink how they maintain their presence on the internet. She is associated with some reputable writing service providers, including resumewritinglab.com. Her mission is to help people understand how search engines work.

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