How to Build Leadership Experience, Even If You’re Not in a Leadership Role


Building leadership experience is one of the best ways for you to move into roles that have more responsibility. These roles also come with higher pay rates and additional perks, in most cases. With that in mind, you want to get all the leadership experience you can, so you can advance your career in ways that are important to you. But, what’s the best way to do that? And, how should you get started when you don’t currently have a leadership role? Here are some of the most valuable things you can do.

Volunteer to Participate

If there are programs or exercises taking place in your company or industry, reach out to the organizers of those events and ask them about volunteering. You may be surprised at how much you learn this way, and it’s a great thing to put on your resume. If you encourage other people to participate along with you, you’ll gain valuable experience in convincing people to engage in something and volunteer their time. Those are excellent leadership traits, and you can use that experience for your future. A lot of companies like to see resumes from those who volunteer, because they believe volunteers make dedicated employees who give their time.

Think Strategically

You probably have plenty of good ideas, and the way to get them noticed is to present them to your supervisor. But you’ll want to make sure you’re fully developing and building out those ideas before you offer them. Then you’ll show that you understand the company and that you’ve thought things through. You’ll also want to ask if you can be a part of making your ideas happen, so you can gain even more experience that can be added to your resume and your future career prospects.

Be Influential Among Your Coworkers

When you create strong working relationships, you have the opportunity to influence your coworkers in a multitude of ways. That can be good news for both of you, as you work together to advance in your career and industry. By helping others achieve their goals and celebrating their successes with them, you’ll be taking the first step toward a higher level of leadership. Not only will that help you along your own career path, but it might help other people with their paths, too. They likely won’t forget the value you offered to them and how much your influence helped them move forward.

Constantly Build Your Leadership Experience

Even when you’re not in a leadership role, you can still get a lot of leadership experience. You just have to think critically and outside the box a bit. Then don’t be afraid to speak up and let your coworkers and supervisors know that you’re serious about gaining experience. When you do that, you’ll be taking important steps toward building your future and making it a stronger one. You don’t have to settle for a job where you aren’t allowed to lead. If leadership is something you want to focus on, find ways to gain that experience. You can make your dreams happen. But, it’s up to you to speak up and get started in the way you can at your current job.

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