How to Choose the Right Veterinarian


Choosing the right veterinarian can be a process in that you need to find one that you like, a vet that treats your pets right, and a vet that accepts your pet insurance. You can schedule a meet ‘n greet with a prospective veterinarian to see if you and your pet likes the vet and discuss your pet’s care. It is better to do this before an emergency crops up. You also want to be sure the veterinarian is up to date on the newest technology, and that the office is clean.

What Is in Your Area?

Whether you have a pet that is a few years old and you just moved to a new town, or you just got your first pet, you need to know what veterinarian services are available in your area. You should also meet or at least have a phone conversation with a vet about your pet’s care before an emergency crops up.

You can find vets by asking friends and neighbors about their favorite vet, or by searching for veterinarians in your area. Create a list of vets, then start narrowing down the list of choices based on services they provide. Some things to keep in consideration include:

  • Office hours;
  • Emergency services;
  • Fees and costs;
  • Accepts insurance, including Wagmo and other popular pet insurance;
  • Types of services, such as basic pet care or a full-service veterinarian;
  • Network of specialists available;
  • Treatment of exotics if you have an exotic;
  • Avian certified if your pet is a bird;
  • Professional staffing; and
  • Professional affiliations.

Once you narrow your choices down to two or three veterinarians, you can make an appointment to visit the facility to see if it is clean, if you like the vet, if you like the staff, and more importantly, if your pet likes the vet and staff.

Veterinarian Insurance Coverage

It’s important to find out if the veterinarian you are choosing will accept pet insurance. You should check out several options for payment, including the type of insurance a prospective vet will accept and whether the vet accepts Care Credit.

While most vets will accept insurance, you need to be sure the vet works with the insurance company you chose. Additionally, if you choose to purchase wellness coverage for checkups, vaccinations, and flea and tick medication, check to ensure that the veterinarian accepts insurance for those types of costs.

Options for Coverage for Pet Care

You have several options for pet care coverage for emergencies, illnesses, and even wellness care, including Wagmo and Care Credit. Planning ahead of time for pet emergencies helps you maximize your savings as a gig workers. Combining pet health insurance and a Care Credit account means that you have the full advantage of pet care coverage without draining your savings.

Finding other options and perks that are available for gig workers can also help you save for a rainy day – or for the time when gig work is slow, such as around the holidays, when kids go back to school, or your industry has slow periods. Adding health insurance to help cover pet care and veterinarian costs means you can concentrate on getting your pet well instead of worrying about finances.

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