How to Cut Down Your Electricity Bill, Even If You’re Working From Home


When you work from home, you could find that you’re using more electricity than you were in the past. You may have more lights on, and you’re probably using your computer a lot more than you used to. Add a spouse or roommate who’s also working from home, and maybe a child or two who’s homeschooling. Suddenly your electric bill is really high, and that might not work very well with your budget. Fortunately, there are some ways to keep your electricity bill down while you work from home. Here are three changes to consider.

1. Get Everyone on Board With Saving Electricity

If everyone in the household does their part, it’s easier to keep the electricity bill lower. Simple things like making sure the refrigerator door is tightly closed and lights are turned out when no one’s in the room can help. Also turn off the TV or other background noise, such as a radio. Unplug appliances you’re not using, and turn off power strips. There’s no reason to pay extra for things you’re not using, and it only takes a minute to turn the power back on to something you decide to use.

2. Use Natural Light Whenever Possible

During the day in most parts of the country, it’s bright enough to use natural light to see everything. Turn off the lights and open the blinds or curtains, letting light into the rooms of your home. If possible, work near a window or patio door where the light is stronger and brighter. Having plenty of natural light can also help boost your mood, which could make you more productive and happier while saving you money on your electricity bill. By only turning the lights on when you really need them, you can lower your power consumption.

3. Limit Unnecessary Screen Time

Your job probably requires you to be on the computer a lot of the time. But when you’re done with work or you’re looking for something else to do, choose a non-screen activity. There are books to read and places to explore, along with games to play and other things to do with your time. It’s tempting to spend hours watching TV shows or scrolling through your phone, or even to keep working late, but there are plenty of other ways to enjoy life and get some rest and relaxation in after a long day in your home office. Not only will you be saving money, but you might even find a new hobby or way to stay close to your family.

While it’s not always easy to work from home and keep your sanity, you can reduce your stress by lowering your electricity bill. That’s especially true if you live with others who are bad about leaving lights on, or you’re in a part of the country where electricity is more expensive. Keeping bills low can help you feel better overall, and make it easier for you to focus on your work and get things done throughout the day. By working with everyone in the household, a lower electricity bill can also be a group effort and a way to work together as a team.

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