How to Earn Your Stars and Take Control of Your Gig Economy Score


“What’s your Uber rating?” We’ve all been there. The moment you launch your app, navigate to the corner of your screen, and hope your rating is higher than the person who just asked. Whether it was an epic coffee spill or a 45-minute phone call with Aunt Debbie, your perfect 5.0 has now transitioned to a 4.8. You are now entering the phase known as, ‘The Rating Comeback’, the moment you make it your mission to become the perfect car-guest.

But for the 75 million people in the gig economy who find work through platforms like Uber, TaskRabbit, or Upwork, ratings take on a whole new meaning. You build your reputation on one platform at a time — and your reputation often leads to more jobs and higher earnings. In an industry where five-star ratings and reviews are in the front seat, we’ve taken the top four gig platforms and dissected what it takes to achieve a respected score. 


In the US, drivers complete 40 million rides monthly and average up to $590 per week. The ratings they receive are totally anonymous. Because drivers are unable to see individual ratings left by a person on a particular trip, it can be difficult to confirm what experience impacted their score. But here’s what we suggest to existing and future drivers who want to earn five stars with every ride:

Confirm pickup/dropoff: The easiest way to get off to the right start is to be at the right location at the requested time. If a rider has to walk an extra block to find your vehicle, especially during a rainstorm or if they’re running late to work, this can be the difference between receiving a three-star rating from a perfect five. It’s always a good idea to double-check with the rider if you’re unsure of the pickup or drop-off location. 

Example: “I am 2 minutes away from the pickup location, my GPS says you’re located in Alley 420, is this correct?” 

Be courteous: Your car becomes a shared space as soon as the rider fastens their seatbelt. Leave the long phone-calls for after the ride. Catch a person who hasn’t had their coffee yet, and a heated discussion with your plumber at 8 AM could be just enough to give you a bad review. Conversations are great between you and your rider, but if you’re sensing that they aren’t as invested in the conversation as you are, they might not be in the mood to chat.

Practice safe driving: Riders want to ride in a safe car. Leave the road rage at home and the car in the shop if it’s on the verge of breaking down. Stay alert, keep your eyes on the road, and be sure to rest when you need it!

Keep your car profile up-to-date: Everyone can appreciate the smell of a new car, especially your riders. If you purchase a new car, be sure to double-check that your profile reflects the updated model, color, and license plate so they aren’t confused when you ping them “I’ve Arrived!”

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As one of the largest freelancer platforms, 12 million US freelancers find contracts on Upwork. From website developers to designers to copywriters, the platform has opened many doors for freelancers to freely communicate and work with clients. Whether you’re interested in joining or are new to the marketplace, we’ve broken down how to achieve the ultimate Job Success Score (JSS) on Upwork. 

Job Success Score Calculation: Any score at 90% or above is considered excellent. A JSS below 75% is considered poor and will have direct impacts on your chances of winning new clients in their marketplace.

(Successful Contract Outcomes – Negative Contract Outcomes) / Total Outcomes

Apply for high-value jobs: Jobs with higher earnings have a greater impact on your score and can outweigh lower-value job scores. But you may be asking, how do you land high-value contracts? Start small, do exemplary work, communicate appropriately, meet deadlines, and showcase a great profile. Eventually, you’ll build enough confidence and rapport with clients to lock down high-value jobs.

Be honest with your abilities: You never want to bite off more than you can chew. If you feel like a job sounds overwhelming and requires skills that you haven’t quite mastered, it’s probably not a great fit. All-nighters are fun — but not when you’re on your third Red Bull and trying to teach yourself JavaScript because you over-promised a client. Incomplete jobs or prolonged timelines can result in a lowered JSS and harsh reviews on your profile from your clients. 

Positive feedback:  Jobs that are completed on-time or before the deadline will boost your score. Especially if you over-deliver in quality. Follow the client’s instructions closely, if you feel like there is a more efficient or different way to approach the project, ask the client first. The last thing you want is poor collaboration comments left on your profile.

No feedback or payouts: Jobs that receive no feedback or recent payments are counted against your score. 

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When homeowners aren’t in the mood to DIY their to-dos, they rely on a community of Taskers to help them out. From home repairs to cleaning, TaskRabbit has become a great source of flexible income for the skilled workers that are looking to take control over their income. 
With over 60,000 Taskers on the platform, it’s important to maintain a healthy Reliability Rate to stay competitive and connect with more clients. What’s a Reliability Rate? It’s pretty simple: it’s a measurement of the number of tasks you’ve completed compared to the number of tasks you’ve accepted. Use these three tips to increase your reliability and your earnings:

Gig economy stars and ratings

Commitment isn’t optional: Nobody enjoys being stood up. TaskRabbit notifies you of potential jobs nearby, but it’s up to you to decide if the project scope is doable. In other words, it’s probably not a good idea to accept a complete rebuild of kitchen cabinets if you’ve never picked up a hammer. Stick with the crafts you know or run the risk of receiving a negative rating. Low ratings reduce the chances of your profile displaying in the client search results.

Check your availability: Before you accept a task, double-check your calendar and account for the things you can foresee interfering with your productivity, like that lovely luncheon with your in-laws. But when life happens and emergencies pop up without warning, communicate with your client as quickly as possible so they can reschedule or book another Tasker.

Ask questions: There’s no such thing as being too thorough. Ask for any necessary photos, descriptions, or item numbers ahead of time, so you’re versed on all of the tools and equipment you will need before arriving onsite.

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Over 500,000 Jobblers are earning up to $1,200 a week on Jobble. From retail to warehouse jobs, thousands of business partners request Jobblers every day. Whether you’re looking for a temporary gig, supplemental income, or a full-time job, Jobble is the tool to help connect with jobs that fit your lifestyle. Before you start accepting and confirming jobs, here are some tips that will guarantee you a five-star reputation:

Understand the job: When businesses hire people on Jobble, they’re looking for someone reliable that they can count on to show up for whatever job they’re hiring for. You want to fully understand the expectations of the job and review all of the job post’s details and requirements before applying. 

Confirm your shift and follow-through: Once you’ve been accepted for a job, reach out to your hiring manager using the Jobble Chat, and introduce yourself! Communicate any questions you may have, like where to go when you get onsite or what to bring. Take the opportunity to build up your reputation and create a lasting impression.

Stay Organized: Keeping track of all of your jobs and your personal life can be difficult. But if you stay organized, you can attain a full work schedule and not go crazy getting there. By being aware of your availability, sending applications in often, and honoring your commitments, you’ll find yourself building your Jobbler reputation and keeping a steady work schedule in no time!

Show up: No call, no show = The quickest way to ruin your reputation and receive scathing reviews. Be sure to double-check the location of the job well before the shift starts so you’re aware of how much time it will take you to get there. If you cannot make your shift, give the hiring manager ample notice so the business is not left hanging.

Dress accordingly: The job hiring will suggest a dress code if applicable. Review the dress code and follow it exactly (all black means all black). 

Work more jobs: Working more builds out your Jobble profile and reputation, which can increase your chances of being hired.

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