How to Nail Your Remote Interview

remote interview

In the past year, job seekers have lost the ability to interview with a hiring manager in-person. Replacing those physical meetings is the remote interview which typically takes place on video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Skype.

On the one hand, it’s certainly convenient (and safer) to not have to drive anywhere for interviews right now. On the other hand, it’s definitely a totally different dynamic. Many job seekers had adapted to interviews meaning physically sitting across a table from someone. Now, you’re dealing with a virtual first impression, which can feel less personal.

But don’t worry – a remote interview is just a new kind of opportunity you can take advantage of. And, by keeping a few key pointers in mind, that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do.

Acing Your Remote Interview: One Step at a Time

The most important thing that you can do to really nail that upcoming remote interview is to prepare, prepare, prepare. This goes beyond just making sure that the perfect outfit is ready, although that’s absolutely important.

Make sure that you know where in your home you’ll be doing your interview so you have an appropriate backdrop. Check and re-check your Wi-Fi settings so that you don’t have to deal with dropped connections. Ensure everyone around you knows when the meeting is happening so you can have your quiet space ready.

Likewise, do your research on the position you’re applying for. Be ready to ask a few questions of your own. Along the same lines, brush up on your own work history. This can help you use specific examples when answering any questions that are lobbied at you.

Next, you’ll want to stay poised so that you can make the most positive first impression that you can. Always answer the call on-time. Do whatever you can to center yourself and stay composed. Speak clearly and be willing to ask for a second if you need time to think of a reply. All of this will go a long way towards giving off the professional vibe you’re going for.

Finally, don’t forget about following up in a few days. This can be especially important given the volume that recruiters and hiring managers are dealing with during the pandemic. At the very least, send a nice thank you message to show someone you value their time. Likewise, offer to answer any remaining questions or provide extra information as necessary.

Your Remote Interview Checklist:

  1. Choose your interview outfit
  2. Select a quiet place to take the call
  3. Check your Wi-Fi connection
  4. Ensure family/roommates know the time of your call
  5. Do your research on the position and company so you can ask strong questions

Yes, a remote interview can a strange experience. But, it’s also one that you can take comfort in knowing that we’re all going through it together. If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to nailing that next remote interview before you know it.

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About the Author: Stephen Lilley earned his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio. Over the last decade as a professional writer he has written more than 15,000 unique pieces of content in areas ranging from entertainment to technology to finance, real estate and more. 

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