How to Start Saving for a Vacation You Haven’t Planned Yet


You don’t need a destination or itinerary to start saving for a vacation. Just a little bit of wanderlust will do, and you can get started socking away the cash for the trip of your dreams. As you track your gig income, put away money, and watch your funds pile up, you can use the dollars to direct your plans. You can then zero in on where to go and what to do when you get there. If you’re ready to make that happen, just use this guide to learn how to get started saving for a vacation you haven’t planned yet.

Decide Between Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Think about what your ideal vacation will look like. Will you jet off to a faraway land? Or lumber along the rails on a sleeper train? Perhaps you will turn your vacation into a road trip, too, so you can catch all the scenic views as you cruise along the open road.

Once you set your expectations, you can estimate out how much it will cost for tickets and/or fuel. If you’re going with the road trip option, remember to account for rental car costs or any vehicle maintenance needed on your own ride.

Think About Your Ideal Accommodations

Next, daydream about where you would like to stay while on your vacation. Would you like to chill in the lap of luxury at an all-inclusive resort hotel? Or stay with friends or family to keep more money in your pocket while enjoying valuable time with your loved ones?

If you’d like to stay at a hotel, then browse all the options on Jobble Travel. As you do that, you’ll get a feel for how much each place charges per night, helping guide your savings. If you’d rather stay with friends or family, remember to budget for meals, outings together, and a gift for your hosts.

Build Your Base Budget and Start Saving

With a clear view of what it might cost for travel, accommodations, and meals, you can create your base budget. Add in a cushion for admission to attractions you see along the way and plenty of souvenirs as well.

After that, draw up a savings chart to make putting money in the bank a whole lot more fun. As the money piles up in your account, let your imagination run wild and explore all the vacation possibilities.

If you find that saving up enough money is too difficult, adjust your expectations and budget to make your upcoming vacation more realistic. You could switch the plane ride for a road trip and get a couple friends to come along and split the expenses, for example.

You can also make it easier to save by picking up more gigs on Jobble. Each time you get paid, aim to put at least 10% away to start saving for a vacation before you have your plans pinned down.

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