Making (Affordable) Memories: Why Visiting a National Park is a Great Family Trip to Take

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Are you looking for a small or big family trip that won’t have to break the bank? One of the most cost-effective and interesting trips you can take with your family is to a national park. The National Park System of the United States boasts 423 unique parks that span across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and several U.S. territories. The 423 national parks cover a total of 85 million acres. You can imagine how big each one is individually.

No matter where you live, chances are you will not have to drive far on the next family road trip to find a national park. Here are three reasons visiting a national park makes a great family vacation that’s both memorable and affordable.

Fresh Air and Exercise is Good for Everyone

Today’s generation of kids have never known a world without technology. Unplugging from video games, smartphones, and computers from time to time is essential for everyone’s well-being. The whole family will naturally be more active when there’s so much to explore.

Connecting with nature has a way of helping people of all ages feel more relaxed and centered in this busy, stressful world. Being away from your everyday life can do wonders for your mental health and give your whole family an opportunity to disconnect and destress.

Non-Stop Learning Opportunities for Adults and Kids Alike

Why is the water in some parts of Yellowstone National Park so hot? What do bears eat for food? How did those glaciers form? These are just some questions your kids may ask when exploring one of America’s national parks. You can think of it as a wide-open classroom with plenty of hands-on learning experiences. Many national parks also have theaters for guests to sit and watch short films about the history of the park and the animals that live there.

Whether you want to do a self-guided tour or are looking for a guided program, you can find something that fits your family’s preferences.

Visiting a National Park Can Be a Safe Travel Opportunity

Compared to a crowded park or venue, a trip to a national park is a way to learn, relax, and stay safe all at the same time. The thousands of acres at each national park provide plenty of space. Your family can spread out away from other visitors while still sticking close together.

Planning a vacation as a gig worker does take a bit of extra planning, especially when it comes to unpaid time away from work. Even so, people often appreciate the flexibility of gig work to take family vacations according to their own schedule and not needing approval from a boss. Other popular family vacation ideas are often expensive and require a lot of pre-planning. Instead, a family trip to a national park can be budget-friendly and equally memorable.

About the Author: Lisa Kroulik has worked as a freelance content marketing writer for 10 years. She loves the work and the lifestyle it affords. Learn more about Lisa’s work and availability through Writer Access.

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