Meditation for Gig Workers: Why Taking a Minute to Reflect Can Help You Stay Grounded

meditation for gig workers

About 36% of Americans are gig workers. Being an independent worker in the gig economy does include a variety of benefits but may also increase stress, anxiety, sleep challenges, and mental health concerns. Meditation for gig workers allows you to take time to be mindful and present in the moment as you manage challenges, achieve balance and stay grounded.  

You Control your Schedule 

When you started working in the gig economy, you may have dreamed of creating your own schedule and having plenty of time to relax, play and enjoy life. In reality, the gig economy is competitive, and finding balance in the midst of the feast or famine may seem like an unachievable dream. 

But you do control your schedule. Meditation, mindfulness and reflection can help you feel relaxed and confident as you work. 

Meditation for Gig Workers is More Than “Ohm”

You can meditate in many ways. The key is to be “all in” and focus exclusively on the activity as you practice it regularly. You can also add new options or switch up the routine as you figure out what works for you.

Keep in mind that you won’t see results immediately, but you will notice greater mindfulness and calm as you make meditation a daily habit. 

Here are seven ways to meditate during breaks, between gigs or in your free time. 

1. Savor a drink. 

Close your eyes, smell the beverage and take a sip. Feel the beverage in your mouth and savor the flavor. Focus exclusively on the drink and give yourself permission to savor the moment.

2. Listen to music.

Sing along to the lyrics, dance to the beat or identify different instruments. You can also sit quietly and reflect on the lyrics as you invest in yourself.

3. Move your body.

Take a walk and inhale the fragrances, hear the birds, see the flowers, and feel the air on your face. Or use a fitness workout via Aaptiv to strengthen your body and your mind as you move.

4. Eat something you enjoy.

Focus on the food that’s on your plate and its appearance, texture and temperature. Take small bites, and taste each morsel as you truly enjoy your food.

5. Do yoga.

Rather than perfect the moves, focus on your breath as you do yoga poses. This practice unwinds your physical body and relaxes your mind and emotions. 

6. Do something creative.

Drawing, painting, carving, or baking are four of many artistic hobbies that can keep you grounded.  

7. Breathe deeply.

Inhale slowly, hold the breath, and exhale slowly as you feel the tension leave your body and mind. 

Meditation Helps You Practice Self Love

Meditation is one way you can practice self love. As you meditate regularly, you may experience reduced stress, improved brain function, better sleep, and improved moods. Making and keeping yourself a priority helps you become happier, calmer and more productive. 

Meditation for gig workers helps you find balance and stay grounded as you control your schedule, love yourself and create a successful life.

About the Author: Jennifer Turner writes web content for a variety of clients. As a gig worker, she understands the benefits and challenges of the industry, which is why she prioritizes daily self-care. Find her at WriterAccess.

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