Your Car Is a Tool: Why Having a Car Can Be a Big Asset in the Gig Economy


When some think of the gig economy, they think of working from home or driving for one the ride share companies. Obviously, you need a car if you drive for the ride share companies, but what about if you work from a home office? A car is another tool that you can use to your benefit. Some potential clients might want to meet you to discuss your skills. You’ll be able to schedule lunch meetings to meet with clients – or you can use your car to reach jobs and gigs that are not located in your immediate area.

Here are three ways having a car provides more opportunities for you in the gig economy. After, we’ll cover some tips on how to best use your car as a tool for work.

1. Reach Gig Economy Jobs that Aren’t Near You

Some clients prefer that you work in their offices. Your vehicle gets you to these types of jobs. For example, someone might hire you to design an app, and might require that you spend some time in their offices. Others might want to meet for an initial interview plus have you at their office for orientation. Having a vehicle you can use for work allows you more freedom to choose different gigs, including those that might not be close to your home.

2. Work Ride Share Service Gigs

When you need to make a quick buck or two, grabbing a few ride share gigs can fit the bill. These are usually quick trips to take someone from one point to another within the city, though you could pick up some ride share gigs that take you into the suburbs, or even farther out. Always keep track of the mileage for these gigs, as you might be able to claim it on your taxes.

3. Pick Up Delivery Gigs

People always need items delivered, whether it’s an attorney who needs documents hand-delivered to the courthouse, or a business that needs to make an emergency delivery for a business customer. Restaurants also use gig drivers – usually through a service such as DoorDash, to deliver meals to their customers. Since most delivery gigs are local, you could do several in the same day for a good rate. Meal delivery has increased in popularity because of the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020.

Tips for Using Your Car in the Gig Economy

When you use your vehicle for working the gig economy, always keep track of your expenses, including upkeep or maintenance to keep your car running. In some cases, you could claim vehicle expenses on your federal tax returns. Keeping track of those expenses helps you determine if you should take a standard deduction or itemize all of your expenses. The amount you use your vehicle could increase your expenses enough to itemize. As with anything business related, you should seek the advice of an accountant or a tax attorney when completing your business taxes.

You also need to ensure you have the proper auto insurance to cover yourself, both on and off the clock. If you get into an accident or need coverage, you want to make sure you’re covered before you start working.

Whether you prefer working in the gig economy as your full-time job, or you need a side gig to help save up to buy a home or set money aside for retirement – or just to have extra money for fun things, having a car can help you in many ways. Consider it as a tool at your disposal and take advantage of it to help increase your earnings.

About the Author: Cheryl Bowman has been writing on various topics since 2007. While she writes on many topics, including pets and food, her specialties are legal and automotive as she worked in both industries. Cheryl’s legal specialties are bankruptcy and family law, but she writes about criminal law and civil cases such as personal injury and real estate. You can find Cheryl on Writer Access.

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