Delivering the future of warehouse staffing

Learn how running outfitter Fleet Feet powers their temporary warehouse staffing with Jobble, leading to:
  • well-supported expansion
  • streamlined onboarding
  • increased headcount

Rock-solid reliability for warehousing

Running outfitter Fleet Feet uses data-driven insights to outfit runners with the ideal shoes, apparel, and gear. 

They’ve experienced exponential growth over the last decade, expanding to 250 stores (and counting) across the country and working toward their vision: to inspire the runner in everyone.

Their challenges included:

  • Rapid Growth: Fleet Feet needed an immediately scalable staffing solution to support rapid growth in new warehouse facilities, in new locations where workers had never been hired before.
  • Onboarding Delays: They needed a way to quickly find, manage, and hire temporary workers without committing to full onboarding, which oftentimes resulted in a six-week onboarding period between when a worker was first interviewed and started on-site.
  • Vetting Workers: They needed a reliable staffing platform to source, confirm, and vet temporary workers, with the expectation that best-suited Jobblers would turn into full-time employees over time.

"In this line of work, weeks can be an eternity when you’re short staffed. Jobble is able to support us in a pinch. We always know we can rely on Jobble for a quick turnaround and have workers show up when we need them the most."

Anthony P. (Fleet Feet)


Well-supported expansion

Leveraged Jobble’s staffing platform to hire warehouse workers in new geographic regions, supporting 200% headcount growth year over year.

Streamlined onboarding

Used Jobble to source and hire on-demand temporary workers fast–achieving a quick turnaround for last-minute hiring requests and skipping costly internal onboarding processes.

Increased headcount

Relied on Jobble’s all-in-one staffing platform to trial Jobblers and turn top performers into permanent employees at Fleet Feet.

Jobble can help you grow your team

  • 1000+ successful implementations across the United States
  • 175,000+ Jobblers signed up to work a shift in the last year
  • 90% of shifts are guaranteed to be filled in 24 hours or less