Find your ideal candidates with interactive job interviews

An interactive job interview is a dynamic experience where candidates roll up their sleeves and show what they’ve got. It goes beyond just talking – they actually perform real job tasks, have meaningful back-and-forth conversations, and put their skills on display. It’s all about proving their abilities and showing how they’re the perfect fit for the role they’re aiming for.

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How interactive job interviews work

1. Introduction and job overview

Introduce yourself and explain the job requirements. Create a positive and welcoming atmosphere.

2. Skills assessment and task demonstration

Ask the candidate to perform job-related tasks. Observe their performance and provide guidance as needed.

3. Question and answer session

Engage in a conversation to assess their knowledge and problem-solving abilities. Ask open-ended questions and encourage their questions.

4. Candidate feedback and closing

Provide feedback on their performance with next steps. Discuss strengths, areas for improvement, and overall fit.

Why interactive job interviews work

Streamline your hiring process, assess candidate skills, and onboard qualified workers with our innovative staffing solution, powered by interactive job interviews.

Tailored for On-Demand and Hourly Staffing Models

Interactive job interviews are the ideal fit for businesses operating in the on-demand and hourly staffing model space. Quickly identify qualified candidates who can adapt to fast-paced environments and require minimal on-site training.

Positive Candidate Experience

By incorporating hands-on tasks, engaging conversations, and realistic job previews, candidates are actively involved and immersed in the hiring process. Candidates can showcase their skills, express their thoughts, and gain a realistic understanding of the role at hand.

Cost and Time Savings

Eliminate unnecessary hiring steps, reducing costs associated with lengthy recruitment cycles. Expedite the onboarding of qualified workers, ensuring a faster time-to-hire. By accurately assessing candidates' skills and fit, you can make confident decisions and avoid costly hiring mistakes.

  • Hire When You Want

    Hire and pay for temporary workers when you need them, on a per-job or on-going shift basis.

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    No minimums, no contracts, and no conversion fees—all in one simple-to-use staffing platform.

  • Ditch Traditional Staffing Agencies

    Save up to 50% on traditional staffing agency fees. Only pay one platform fee.

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