15 Remote Jobs that Allow You to Make Money & Travel


In a world of smartphones, laptops, and wireless internet, more people than ever before are free to work remotely. As long as you’ve got the technology, skills, and work ethic you need, you can pursue your dream job while traveling the world. 

If you’re an aspiring digital nomad, your first step is to choose a remote job that matches your talents – and your preferred lifestyle. Here are 15 remote jobs that can fund a flexible life of wanderlust and adventure.   

Digital Marketer

This is a great job for creative types who understand people. The best digital marketers work in a specific niche – like search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media marketing, or paid advertising. To learn more, check out Stop Having a Boring Life, where an experienced marketer shares valuable nuggets of wisdom. 


The internet is full of blogs, web pages, and other forms of writing. Freelance writers and editors are the ones creating all this content – and many of them work remotely. Read the Foodie Flashpacker blog to see a freelance writer in action.

Graphic Designer

Companies need their websites to look slick and professional – and remote experts are often the ones to make that happen. Graphic designers give businesses the aesthetics they’re after, using plenty of creativity along the way. Check out the Katie Goes blog to learn more about how it’s done.  

Tutoring & Teaching

Modern technologies make remote teaching easier than ever before – and countless digital nomads are taking advantage. Whether you’re an expert in math or a native English speaker eager to share your language, you can teach students from anywhere in the world. Learn more from the Grateful Gypsies


With a talent for writing and a unique angle that attracts readers, you can make money through your own personal blog. For inspiration, check out Expert Vagabond, a travel blog that’s both informative and entertaining.


Once a business is large and complex enough, it needs someone to keep track of sales, expenses, and other pieces of data. In the internet era, these bookkeepers don’t need to work on-site. This post from The OffBeat Life shows how to thrive as a remote bookkeeper.

Traveling Nurse

A traveling nurse works for a staffing agency that sends them to one healthcare facility after another. This on-the-go lifestyle is perfect for a qualified nurse with a desire to see the world. The Gypsy Nurse provides a nice mix of content for nurses considering taking their career in this direction. 

Sales Rep

When it comes to sales, some people just seem to “get it.” If you’re one of those people, you can find remote work with companies that do most of their business online. Lindsay Orr, a remote sales rep for Parse.ly, shared her experience on the company’s website

Pet Sitter

People have pets all over the world, and many of those pets need watching while their owners are away. This post on Nomador explains the basics of the field. 

House Sitter

Getting paid to sit around in a house might sound too good to be true – and yet it’s a popular way for digital nomads to make a living. Still can’t believe it? Check out this post from Nomadic Matt – you’ll learn everything you need to know. 


If you have expertise in a certain field, you can monetize your knowledge by becoming a consultant. In the digital era, you don’t have to be in the same place as your clients to offer valuable advice. Give this post on Girlboss a read to learn how to take your consulting gig on the road. 


We live in a visual age – which is perfect for aspiring photographers. Whether you photograph events for clients or sell the pictures you take on your own, you might be able to make a living from your photos. Interested? Let Eric Kim serve as inspiration

Virtual Assistant

If you’re good with computers and helpful by nature, you could travel the world while working as a virtual assistant. All sorts of businesses need help with daily tasks, and you can provide that help as easily from paradise as the inside of an office building. This post from digital nomad Micheal Haralson explains the process in greater detail.

Instagram Agency

Instagram is more than just a platform for sharing pictures. It’s also become a major marketing tool. If you work at an Instagram agency, helping businesses maintain their accounts on the platform, you can base your operations from anywhere in the world. The Nomad Mompraneur offers insights into this field while providing information on other remote work possibilities. 

Online Survey Jobs

Companies are always eager for data, and they get much of the information they need from online surveys. You can get paid to take these surveys – and travel the world while doing it. This post on Fulltime Nomad explains how it can be done. 

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About the Author: Ben Clabault is a freelance writer from Sandwich, Massachusetts. He has spent much of his adult life traveling through Latin America. He currently lives with his fiance in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. His areas of expertise include travel, marketing, SaaS, and global cultures. You can find his work on Copyfolio and reach out to him on LinkedIn.

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