How To Fit a Home Office Into Your Living Space


Within the past couple of years, more and more people have transitioned into a work-from-home position. Working from home has changed so many people’s lives by allowing them more flexibility and comfort during their work days. If you’re looking to create a space to work and wondering where to start, read on to find tips for fitting a home office into your living space.

The Right Location

As a gig worker, deciding where to live can be key to your success. Depending on what your job is, you may want to find an area that has a community that supports you. For example, if you’re a freelance photographer, find an area with beautiful landscapes for potential clients. Also, if you’re someone who needs a quiet space for work, notice areas that may experience more traffic or construction, and avoids them. 

Not only is the place you live crucial to easy work life, but it can also affect where you choose to put your office inside of your living space. This all depends on a few factors such as whether or not you live alone, how many rooms you have, and how much space you’ll need in your office. A common spot for a home office is in a nook if you have one. These can work great, especially if you live alone since you may not need to dedicate an entire room for your office but can still have peace and quiet.

If you live with someone and/or have multiple rooms where you can devote one entirely to your work-from-home space, a nook may be ideal. This way you can transform the space into exactly what you need for work without it being in the way of anyone or anything else.

Create Your Space

You may not have a natural space for your office in your home, so there’s a chance you’ll need to build on an additional room or do an extensive renovation. If you’re tight on money consider using a home equity line of credit to help finance any renovations needed for your office space. This allows you to borrow money against the equity of your home to use it for a variety of purposes. 

One of those purposes can be filling your office with all the supplies you may need.  Invest in filing cabinets, shelves, and things like color-coded folders depending on what you need.  Look for storage-friendly furniture to maximize your space and accommodate the supplies you have. 

Now that you’ve chosen where you want your home office to be, or finished a build, you can get to work on setting up. Researching organizational hacks to keep your workspace tidy can help you tremendously. Try your best to keep your office clean to be the most productive throughout the week.

Work-Life Balance

Once you feel confident that your home office is set up, it’s time to get back to work! Some find that having both work and personal life under the same roof can be a struggle. Figuring out a work-life balance will be crucial to your success. 

Make sure to take necessary breaks throughout the day, and once you’re off the clock close that office door and don’t look back until the next day. Of course, many gig workers have irregular schedules so this may be more difficult to do. Be mindful of the amount of time you work each day, and leave some time for yourself. 

With the way the job market is going, it seems like a majority of jobs will be remote, so having your home office space set up will prepare you for any future jobs. Once you decide on your ideal setup for integrating your home office into your living space, you’ll be more set up to live a life of ease.

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