Challenges of Hiring in 2022 Report


Labor markets are rarely stable and hiring is seldom easy, but the current climate is especially complicated. The pandemic has accelerated trends toward the gig economy and remote work, inflation is top of mind, and economic uncertainty looms ahead. These dynamics have produced unique challenges for hiring managers and job seekers alike.

Our 2022 Challenges of Hiring Report gathers labor market trends in industries ranging from tech and warehousing to event staffing, hospitality, and everything in between. We examine the impact trends have had on the state of hiring in 2022.

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Report Highlights

  • A difficult labor market for employers. The demand for workers is skyrocketing, and the supply simply can’t keep up. Such a tight market forces employers into fierce competition for talent.
  • Mismatched priorities among employers and job seekers. Employers have always preferred workers who are experienced, flexible, and willing to work in person, but these age-old expectations have suddenly become untenable. The pandemic era normalized working from home, and now 55% of job seekers are explicitly looking for positions that allow them to clock in remotely.
  • Challenges in each industry remain a top focus. While employers are facing challenges, each industry has its own set of specific problems–and solutions. Our 2022 report details the top trends in warehousing, retail, event staffing, catering/banquets, food service, and many more industries.
  • How to improve the hiring process. Acquiring talent in a tight labor market doesn’t require an entirely new approach. It simply calls for a few key adjustments, our report overviews these tactics.
  • Forecasting the future of hiring. The economy at-large is in an uncertain moment, and the labor market is particularly volatile. Amid so much turmoil, it’s difficult to know what the future will hold — we cover future predictions.

From the top hiring challenges in hiring managers face today to the future of hiring in 2023 and beyond, this report has it all. Don’t wait to take a peek — download the PDF for free today.

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