How To Fill Up Your Work Schedule (Without Overbooking)

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When you open the Jobble app, you hold hundreds of different job opportunities in the palm of your hand. With endless possibilities, the board can be a little overwhelming. It’s easy to get caught up in applications and coordinating dates but it’s important to keep yourself organized so you can fill your schedule with flexible work without stretching yourself too thin. Before you start accepting and confirming jobs, here are a few housekeeping tips to keep yourself both busy and organized.

Keep Track of Your Important Dates

Before you even touch the Jobble app, sit down and look at your personal commitments. Look for anything that would keep you from work — whether it be another job, an appointment, birthday celebrations, a family engagement, dinner plans. To prevent overbooking yourself, jot down these dates and times so you have them handy when you start looking for jobs.
Hiring managers post jobs with dates and times that reflect their needs. When you apply for a job, you want to be available to work all of the dates and times. You’re a less desirable candidate if you are only partially available. Being honest and selective in the positions you apply to not only saves you time, it also makes it easier for hiring managers to want to bring you onto their team.

Send in Your Applications

When you find jobs that you’re available to work, apply to as many as possible. Jobs are posted by hiring managers when they become aware of their needs. They can post a role two weeks or two days ahead of when they actually need workers, meaning the time that they hire applicants can vary. By applying to all of the shifts you’re available to work, you increase your odds of landing a gig.
Once you’re hired, don’t worry —the app will automatically prevent multiple hiring managers from hiring you for shifts on the same day and time. For example, say you apply to two jobs that are on Monday at noon. If one job hires you, the other hiring manager will be notified of the scheduling conflict and you’ll be ineligible to be hired.

Respect Your Confirmations

If you’re hired for a job, the hiring manager has reviewed your application and profile and selected you for the job. Once you are hired, you’ll be asked to confirm your shift, which informs your hiring manager that you are still available and are ready to work.
If you commit to a shift, do everything in your power to fulfill it in its entirety. If an issue arises, inform your hiring manager immediately. If you can no longer work, make sure to ‘Quit’ the job on the app to avoid being penalized. If you are going to be late or need to leave early, explain your situation to your hiring manager to check if they still want you to work.
Being on time, working hard, and working for your whole shift are simple and straightforward ways to create a strong relationship with your hiring manager which could be the key to getting hired to that position again.

Build Your Reputation

Your Jobble profile grows with each Jobble you complete, but building up a reputation within one company can produce faster results and get you hired more often, or even brought on full time!
When your job comes to an end, it doesn’t hurt to ask your hiring manager if they will be posting any future opportunities. If the hiring manager has already posted the jobs in the app, go ahead and apply to beat the competition. If not, make sure you keep an eye out while you continue to search the job board.
Keeping track of all of your jobs and your personal life can be difficult. But if you stay organized, you can attain a full work schedule and not go crazy getting there. By being aware of your availability, sending applications in often, and honoring your commitments, you’ll find yourself building your Jobble reputation and keeping a steady work schedule in no time!

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