How to Hire Temporary Staff


Do you need to hire temporary workers fast? With the right strategy, you can stay within your budget while getting the workers you need – workers who get the job done and maintain your company’s reputation. This guide will show how to hire temporary staff with a simple four-step approach.

Step 1: Define Your Needs

When you’re in a rush to hire temporary staff, it’s tempting to act without proper planning. A quick Google search for “temp workers near me” will bring up an array of agencies – but can you be sure any of them will actually suit your purposes? Before starting the process, it’s worth taking a few seconds to ask yourself some questions and define your company’s needs.

Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Staffing Service

  • How many shifts are we hiring for?
  • What traits do we need from our ideal worker?
  • Do we want to hire for a few shifts or is it possible we’ll convert these workers to full-time employees?
  • What is our overall budget?

Step 2: Refine Your Budget

Before hiring temporary workers, you should determine how much you’ll need to pay them. The job market has been fluctuating since before the start of the pandemic, and businesses are offering higher wages to attract workers. Wage demands also vary by industry and region, so make sure your research takes these details into account.

A short investigation should be enough to determine a standard hourly wage for your area. From there, you can use the total number of shifts you’re hiring for to calculate a budget for your temporary staffing.

Step 3: Review Your Staffing Options

When wondering how to hire temporary workers, businesses have traditionally turned to nationwide staffing agencies like Randstad and Adecco. While these agencies are familiar, they don’t always represent the best option. To staff your business efficiently and effectively, try using an app that’s been designed especially for hiring gig workers.

Downsides to Traditional Staffing Agencies

  1. No reliability: Staffing agencies have been known to promise workers and then fail to deliver. In 2017, 37% of staffing agency clients reported being “ghosted” in this way.
  2. Less flexibility: Even the best agencies usually need a few days to find a worker – too long for companies in fast-paced industries.
  3. Inconsistency: Agencies don’t always offer transparency in the vetting process, and you can’t be sure you get the talented, hard-working staff you need.
  4. Limited support: Issues often arise when a new worker arrives at a business – and you don’t want to be stuck with an agency that ignores your legitimate concerns.

Reasons to Use Gig Work Apps Instead

  1. Reliable workers: Gig work apps employ several methods, including GPS systems that track workers and strict punishments for no-shows, to ensure workers are where they need to be.
  2. Quick turnaround: With gig work apps, you can create an account one day and receive a qualified worker the next – giving your business the flexibility it needs.
  3. Transparent vetting: Not only do apps use a clear vetting process, but they also display a worker’s history and qualifications so you can see exactly what you’re getting.
  4. Client support: Gig worker apps have a customer support team ready to assist you whenever an issue arises.

Gig Staffing Options

There are many temporary staffing options for businesses to choose from. Whether you’re hiring for a warehouse, staffing an event, or rounding out a seasonal workforce, you should have no trouble finding a resource that suits your company’s needs.

Step 4: Hire Your Workers

Once you’ve defined your needs, set your budget, and chosen a staffing solution like Jobble, the process of hiring temporary staff is simple:

  1. Post a job: Platforms like Jobble make it simple to create an effective job post that attracts the right workers.
  2. Review candidates: You can read about applicants’ work history and qualifications within the platform, making the review process quick and easy.
  3. Communicate early and often: After deciding on an applicant, you can communicate with them through the app to make sure you’re on the same page. From there, you can stay in contact as you finish the hiring process.
  4. Pay after the work is completed: Many staffing companies charge upfront fees for contracts – often before you’ve reviewed candidates, let alone hired someone. With Jobble, there’s no annual contract and you pay only after the work is completed. This minimizes risk for you and ensures that you get what you paid for.

Traditional staffing agencies no longer represent the best way to hire temporary workers. The modern gig economy is perfect for immediate staffing – and platforms like Jobble can help you land the gig workers you need. Schedule a demo to get started with Jobble today.

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