4 Reasons Why Temporary Staffing Makes Sense for Your Small Business


Temporary staffing is when a business hires an employee for a contracted period of time. These contractors or temporary workers fulfill the functionality of regular full-time or part-time employees and often are hired during peak increases in worker demand. They can also provide expertise for situations outside your business’s normal work scope and have proven to be cost-effective over time. One prime example of temporary staffing is hiring seasonal employees for increases in demand over the holidays.

Below are four reasons why temporary staffing could make sense for your small business.

Human Resource (HR) as a Service

Small businesses use temporary staffing to not only save on the costs of permanent hires but also save on carrying out parts of human resource functions. Some small businesses don’t have a separate HR function, so outsourcing the recruitment of temporary employees delivers savings when compared to having a full-time HR manager on the team. Hiring temporary staff can be time-consuming and should be done by experts to avoid legal and regulatory pitfalls. Using a temporary staffing company or gig economy platform like Jobble, can provide you with the services you need at a lower cost than a permanent HR professional.

Small and medium-sized businesses save more with HR as a service because temporary workers are not their employees, which reduces overhead. Instead, temporary workers are usually categorized as employees of their staffing company or as independent contractors, so small businesses don’t have to handle costs like unemployment and worker’s compensation.

Maintains Your Flexibility & Overall Bandwidth

Because of the flexibility temporary staffing affords employees and employers, the future is bright. Employers don’t necessarily always have the foresight to know when and how to react to market volatility. Oftentimes, small to medium-sized businesses can’t afford an annual salary fee or hire an employee long term. Temporary employees can support permanent, full-time employees and help reduce their workload. This can go a long way toward preventing staff turnover and burnout. With a full staff, your regular employees will have more time and energy to complete their normal tasks.

No Commitment

A bad hire can have a profoundly negative impact on your business. One bad hire can lead to decreased productivity, lower employee morale, and oftentimes financial implications. Any decision to hire a permanent addition to your team should be done with complete due diligence. Hiring temporary staffing is one of the best ways to find candidates who might be ideal for a full-time permanent role. You can assess their skills and attitude firsthand before making a commitment to hire long term.

Saves Time & Money

Temporary staffing is often easier and less costly than hiring a full-time employee upfront. Using a digitalized staffing platform like Jobble to find your temporary staff will be less expensive than the resources and time required to make a permanent hire. Although a temp worker may have a higher rate per day than a permanent hire, companies save money by not having to pay employee benefits. Other cost savings include avoiding the expenses of recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, and training. Services like Jobble have an extensive network of available candidates from which to choose. We can also help you find the best temporary employees and gig workers in a short amount of time. Learn more here.

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