The Time to Recruit For Your Seasonal Hiring Needs is NOW

seasonal hiring

Hiring trends and the state of the job market have changed this year due to the pandemic. As many businesses like yours prepare for the holiday season, it may be difficult to plan ahead. To put yourself in the best possible position, you should already be thinking about your seasonal hiring needs. This year, it’s better to start early and be prepared than to wait and risk being left short-handed.

Job seekers have had a tumultuous year too. Many have changed jobs or careers. Some are looking for flexible income from a variety of sources due to unemployment or underemployment. Your regular seasonal hires may have had their schedules or availability change. Beginning the recruiting process now can help you find the right people for your team. It can also bolster your roster so you can call for more help if you need it. 

Engaging workers early can help bolster your roster

All year, businesses have had to operate knowing that their staff (or their staff’s families) can get sick and leave a shift short-handed. While you can’t prevent this from happening, you can plan ahead and gather an on-call list or overhire for your gig.

Engaging with independent workers in the gig economy can come with a high turnover rate, so you should consider your seasonal hiring as an ongoing process. While you want to hire, onboard, train and schedule the workers that best fit your needs, you should also have a back up plan if they do not show up for work or are unable to finish a shift.

Don’t be short-sighted and just consider holiday staffing when you’re doing your seasonal hiring. This is an opportunity for you to fill your immediate needs while also searching for talent to onboard or keep engaged through the new year. 

Your regular crew may not be able to work

If you have depended on seasonal hiring to bring in extra warehouse workers and delivery drivers, you aren’t alone. 2020 has seen a dramatic uptick in online shopping and delivery services due to the pandemic. This made warehouse workers and delivery drivers essential and gave them the opportunity to find the best job for their situation. If this is a role you typically hire for, reach out to your previous hires now. You need to make sure they are still available and willing to work.

From major retailers to small or medium sized businesses, the need for temporary workers has grown. Some independent workers may have recurring gigs, while others may continue to take odd-jobs when they can. Make sure you re-engage your previous team so you know how many are returning. This will determine how many more hires you’ll need to efficiently operate this holiday season and into the new year.

Job seekers are already looking for seasonal hiring opportunities

Whether they need supplemental income or are building out their resume, job seekers are considering all of their options before making a decision. Some recruiting websites advised job seekers to be on the hunt for seasonal hiring opportunities as early as September

Don’t just let roles you’ve needed to fill in the past guide your seasonal hiring this year. Many retailers and companies are faced with new positions to fill, like sanitation, delivery and curbside service roles. These jobs have become more common throughout the year– while you may have the opportunity to hire someone with experience, you may need to factor in training when bringing on a new hire.

Now, more than ever, you want to make sure you are optimizing your job posts so you can get the maximum amount of job applicants in your area. Having a competitive job post is essential to grabbing the attention of job seekers who are sorting through all of the job options in your area. Not only do you need to fill each role, your seasonal hiring should also include finding workers you may need in the near future.

Are you ready? Jobble’s here to help.

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