Digital Screening & The Rise of the ‘Interactive Job Interview’

Warehouse Interactive Job Interview

Recent years have brought about new challenges to the traditional hiring process of job fairs, in-person interviews, and resume and reference reviews for hiring large numbers of workers. This approach has become cumbersome, costly, and often yields mixed results. As a solution, businesses have been adopting new, innovative methods to streamline their hiring process by leveraging digital screening and the “interactive job interview.” These new-age approaches provide a more efficient and effective way to hire workers in bulk, reducing costs and time involved in the hiring process.

Below, you can learn how to efficiently and digitally sort and source workers, enabling you to have them on-site as early as the next day.

How digital screening works

Gone are the days when jobs were advertised through classified ads, posted on bulletin boards, and advertised at career fairs with limited exposure. Previously, in-person interviews were necessary to make hiring decisions. As physical job postings are now obsolete, businesses must optimize their online job postings. This optimization helps recruiters and HR software sort through applicants, enabling businesses to identify suitable candidates quickly and streamline their hiring processes.

Digital screening is revolutionizing the application process by incorporating interview-style questions. Traditionally, hiring businesses would only require a resume and cover letter. However, with advanced digital screening, businesses can now take it a step further by adding questions or prompts that can help a business or hiring manager assess an applicant’s abilities. This process also presents an opportunity to emphasize critical information in your job post and reiterate it to the applicant.

For example, suppose you were hiring a warehouse associate to work at your warehouse. In that case, you could include the following types of digital screening questions:

  • Do you have prior warehouse or manual labor experience?
  • Can you comfortably lift up to 50 lbs and stand for extended periods?
  • While we do not have a standard uniform, steel toe boots are required. Do you have the appropriate footwear for this job?
  • We are looking for workers who are willing to work future shifts. Are you available for future shifts?

These types of questions help candidates understand the opportunity and businesses quickly eliminate unqualified candidates. Questions also save time by eliminating phone or video interviews, and adding digital screening to your job post streamlines the acquisition process by skipping the second step of candidate qualification. Ultimately, this saves time and enables faster onboarding of a team to your worksite.

Why your business should use interactive job interviews

Many Jobble partners have been adopting the “interactive job interview” method since onboarding, where they bring on temporary workers and assess their work before extending offers to those who are a good fit. This approach not only gets the work done for the day, but also helps businesses proactively identify and source talent for their future needs. In the gig economy, workers have the flexibility to work one shift or several, and it’s essential for businesses to identify strong workers they want on their team for a longer period.

Hiring workers is time-consuming, and it’s more beneficial to invite back outstanding temporary workers for future shifts than to constantly search for new candidates. Managers and employees should be encouraged to keep an eye out for exceptional temporary workers and let them know their work was noticed and welcomed back. Temporary work should be viewed as an extended form of talent identification and acquisition, allowing businesses to find their next set of top-performing employees by treating every shift as an interview and using the gathered information to make offers.

How do they work together?

Jobble business partners use digital screening and the “interactive job interview” to efficiently fill their shifts with qualified workers. Jobble’s digital screening process starts with Jobblers filling out a profile detailing their work history, skills, and experience, which allows hiring partners to rate each Jobbler’s work, developing their reputation on the app. Additionally, business partners can add their own screening questions to each job post. After selecting and hiring a team, partners participate in the “interactive job interview” by reviewing and assessing each Jobbler’s performance, and can create exclusive openings for top-performing Jobblers.

Jobble’s staffing solution gives Jobblers trust in the business they are working for, resulting in a thriving flexible workforce. With these tools, Jobble business partners are quickly and efficiently filling their shifts with qualified workers.

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