The Women That Inspire Our Jobblers Across the Country

Women That Inspire Jobblers

As we all celebrate Women’s History Month, it’s important to recognize the accomplishments of both famous women and women in your own life. Last month, we asked our Jobblers to nominate inspirational women in their own lives so we can celebrate them together. You’ll see mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters, friends, co-workers and more. All of them are women that inspire in their own way. Without them, our community of nationwide Jobblers wouldn’t all be where they are today.

Read on to learn about the women that inspire our Jobblers to be their best selves.

Felipa Avila

Nominated by Maria Hernandez from El Paso, Texas

“Felipa is my coworker. She helps run kohls on Redd Road as well as training her new boss. Going to a new store and having to train new employees as well as aging associate to meet company goals. Single mother of two, helping her teenager daughter thru her school activities as well as encouraging her on how to be a strong independent women. On top of that taking care of her widowed elderly father even though her job is very demanding.”

Leona Benoit

Nominated by Angela John from Crowley, Louisiana

“Leona is my mentor. She founded both the women’s and men’s homeless shelters in Lake Charles Louisiana and she never turns anyone down. She has raised quite a few children that the mother’s abandoned to adulthood. Leona and her husband have a church, in Lake Charles. She gives to the community and has been inspiring others for most of her life.”

Carol Borg

Nominated by Melesa McKnight from Salem, Oregon

“Carol is a former supervisor for the medical clinic we worked at. When I was going through my “worst” (divorce) time in life she was there to encourage me and let me know that I was strong and independent and could do anything I set out to do. Carol is an amazing human being she is an advanced nurse practitioner. Her skills and love of her job have saved and taught others to save many lives. Literally around the world as she is now working for the State Department Foreign Services Medical Services currently living in Zambia.”

Donalisa Cunningham

Nominated by Thomas Salamone from New Bedford, Massachusetts

“Donalisa is my friend. Extremely hard worker !!!
Excellent Mommy for her cat GOLDA

Carmen Espinal Zapata

Nominated by Amancio Sanchez Espinal from the Bronx, New York

“Carmen is my mother. She inspires me the first thing it’s because she brings me to life and has take care me and guide me to life. How not to give up on life and keep on going.”

Margaret Hassell

Nominated by Jane Moore from Yuma, Arizona

“Margaret was my boss from the job I retired from. she inspired many women who worked for her at Sears, she worked hard raised 2 kids several grandkids w/o a man involved they all turned out well. Many of the women who worked for her highly respected her including my self, she made you believe in herself. She took the time to work with women who worked hard.”

Slyvia Hensley

Nominated by Charles Schultz from Elkton, Virginia

“Slyvia is my best friend and soulmate. She’s aways there when times are tight, she’s my ride together die together mate. U have to be around her 2mins u see.”

Kiara Alexa Hernandez Alfaro

Nominated by her daughter from New Orleans, Louisiana

“Kiara Alexa is my mother. She always gives me great advice. Always. And she is kind.”

Kimberly Hutchins

Nominated by Micheal Hutchins from Rolla, Missouri

“Kimberly is my wife. She hard working and never gives up on anything or anyone.”

Jennifer Lefave

Nominated by Dennis Dinsmore from Taunton, Massachusetts

“Jennifer is my doctor. Doctor Jenn, as all of us call her, Always Puts her Patients First. She Always spends As much time as her Patients needs. She Has been My Doctor for almost 20 years and has Taught me to Overcome all My Fears about Medical Issues. If Everyone took Care of there Patients like Dr Jenn does The world would be a better place.”

Monique Navarro

Nominated by Randy Smith from Denver, Colorado

“Monique is my friend. Watching her communicate with her children. In a variety of family issues (good and bad). She does it with for thought as well as a positive explanation. Her beliefs and values just have that effect.”

Judy Scott

Nominated by Joyce Edmonds from Christiansburg, Virginia

“Judy is my sister. She has been fighting lung cancer for 5 years. Despite her illness side effects…medication and living with it every moment and how it has hung over her like a black cloud…she has not let it stop her from her personal dedication to raising funds for cancer society in various ways. She helps with Xmas charity causes and is right there for her family and friends when she is needed. She does all of this with a cheerful heart.”

Susanna Twaite

Nominated by John Andrews from Long Beach, California

“Susanna is the Executive Director of WTK, non profit serving the homeless. As a former homeless individual, Susanna founded WTK based in Long Beach, CA. Her all volunteer organization serves the homeless by sewing quilts, blankets, cloth face masks, etc which along with hand sanitizer and assorted toiletries, are distributed free of charge to homeless living under the bridges and along a river bed. Because of her ability to turn her life around and make a difference in other human’s lives.”

Dianna Whitnore

Nominated by Alma Noonkester from Tallahasse, Florida

“Dianna is my sister. Though we’ve had our share of problems, she’s always there with a word of encouragement. I have a mental illness which can be debilitating at times. I can call her anytime of the day or night and she’s there to lift me up with words of encouragement and love. You couldn’t have a better sister mom or friend. She’s seen a lot of things, been through a lot of things and still stands strong.”

Patricia Young

Nominated by Crystal Lampert from Menomonie, Wisconsin

“Patricia is my Mema. She gives so much help to those in need. She can inspire anyone!”

Thank you to all of these women that inspire, as well as those not-listed. Throughout the rest of Women’s History Month, we encourage you to share stories, be grateful, and show support for all of the women in your life. Women that inspire, encourage and lift others up are creating a better world, every single day. And everyone, not just women, can find time to make welcoming and encouraging environments so every voice is heard and respected.

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