5 Things You Should Know About Working and Getting Paid Through Jobble


When you’re using the Jobble app to find work, there are 5 important things you need to take into account to ensure you’re finding work and getting paid on time.

Discover everything you need to know, from applying to getting paid below.

1. How to Search & Apply for a Job

The first step to finding work with Jobble is applying to a job on our web or mobile app. You can filter your job search and sort by distance, pay rate, job type, company and more.

Be sure to review all Job Requirements and shift dates and times before you apply. You should only apply to jobs you are able and willing to work. Once you’re ready, simply fill out the company’s application, check off each of the job requirements, and submit your application.


2. Get Hired & Start Working

After you submit your application, it goes to a hiring manager for review. If you’re chosen, you will receive an email saying that you’ve been hired. Only hired Jobblers have the ability to confirm shifts and check in and check out. These steps are required to process payment at the end of a job.

Once you’re hired, you can review all job details and requirements in your app under the “Hired Jobs” tab (if the job hasn’t started yet) or the “Active Jobs” tab (if the job has started).

The job details have important pieces of information, like the work address and dress code, that will ensure you’re prepared for your first shift of work. We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes early to your shifts so you have time to check in and be ready for work. You can be turned away without pay if you show up late to your shift, so planning ahead is key.


3. Confirm All of Your Shifts

You are expected to Confirm every shift you can work so the hiring manager knows to expect you. After you’re hired, you can confirm your shifts right away. You will be given the opportunity to Confirm or Decline each shift. You will also receive a reminder to Confirm three days before your first shift.

If you cannot work a shift, you can Decline. However, declining too many shifts will result in being removed from the job. Failing to confirm or decline a shift will also result in being removed from the job.

Need to change your response?

If you need to change your response, you can change it in your Active Jobs tab. If you decline a shift, that means you’ve notified the manager that you will not be able to work. Repeatedly declining a shift may result in removal from the job. However, you remain hired to the job unless you quit the job or the manager removes you.

Need to call out for a shift?

Please note: changing your status to close to the start time does not give your hiring manager enough notice. However, if there is a last minute emergency you can decline a shift to let the hiring manager know that you will not be able to make it. Once a shift has started you will no longer be able to change your response.


4. Always Check In and Check Out of Each Shift

It’s important to have your phone connected to cellular service, with you, and charged every time you work. You need to Check In at the beginning of every shift when you arrive on site. You need to Check Out at the end of the shift before you leave. Having your location services turned on when checking in and checking out is recommended.

If you do not Check In and Check Out of every shift, you will be removed from the job. Failure to check in and check out of every shift will also result in a payment delay.

Checking In

Checking Out

We also recommend introducing yourself to your on-site manager at every job to see if they need you to sign a physical time sheet or other form of record keeping. This varies by company and should always be done in addition to the app check in and check out process.


5. Get Paid for Your Hard Work

In order to be paid on time, you need to make sure that you:

  • Are hired to the job
  • Confirmed each shift
  • Checked In and Out of every shift, with location data
  • Have a current and valid payment method attached to your Jobble account

If any of those requirements aren’t met, your payment will be delayed. It is your responsibility as a Jobbler to take all of these steps so you can find work and get paid on time. You’ll be notified each time a payment is made to your Jobble account and will be able to review the details in your Jobble app.


Receive Instant Payments with indi® for Jobblers

If you want to receive a payment instantly, after the hiring manager has submitted hours, make sure you have an indi for Jobblers card as your current payment method. Applying is free and doesn’t impact your credit score. Once you’re approved, link your card to your Jobble profile to receive instant payments.


What To Do if You Need Help

If you have any questions about finding work and getting paid through the Jobble app, visit our Resource Center for helpful tips and FAQs.

You can also connect with our Support Team by sending an email to community@jobble.com. The Support team is available on weekdays (Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM EST). If you need help outside of these hours, a team member will get back to you after active support hours resume.

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