Words of Wisdom from Our Jobble Dads

Words of Wisdom from our Jobble Dads

Last month, we shared Life Advice from Our Jobble Moms. This month, to celebrate Father’s Day, we’re here to share Words of Wisdom from our Jobble Dads!

These little phrases or sayings helped shape our team into the people we are today. While some of these words of wisdom are almost  Dad Joke worthy, they’re still pieces of advice to chew on.

Everyone Can Play a Part

Kurt Bober & Corey Bober
“We can't all be heroes, because somebody has to sit on the curb and applaud when they go by.”
Kurt Bober
Father of Corey Bober (Co-Founder and COO of Jobble)

Work Hard & Never Give Up

“Whether it’s life, work, or something you’re just passionate about, hustle and patience will never fail you.”
Tony Cruz
Creator (Father) of Tevin Cruz, Community Success Associate

It Costs Nothing to Be Kind

"Be Kind. It's completely free, there are no pre-requisites, you don't have to ask permission and you can do it an unlimited amount of times. If there is one thing I can instill in my daughter, I hope it is to be kind. "
Ryan Caroll
VP of Finance and Accounting & Father to a beautiful 5 month old baby girl
Ryan Caroll and his daughter

Substance Over Style: Adapt To Your Surroundings

“You don’t look cool if you dress flashy yet poorly in the winter. You just look cold.”
Lanh Phong
Father of Andrew Phong, Sr. Community Growth Manager

Never Miss Out on The Chance to Say “I Love You”

Marty and Allie Hagerty
"No matter what, always support your kids, regardless of what they do in life. Let them know you love them every chance you get!"
Marty Hagerty
Dad + Best Friend of Allie Hagerty, Director of Human Resources at Jobble

Remember Who Always Has Your Back

"With every decision you make, family first, always."
Steve Kurkul
Dad of Lauren Kurkul, VP Marketing at Jobble
Steve Kurkul

The Key to Happiness is Being Well Rounded

Ron McGlynn & Julia Ryder
As a dad I strive to instill light-hearted and good-hearted instincts in my girls. The importance of character, industry, and humor was encouraged.

Some thoughts: Treat all with respect and kindness as one wants to be treated. Don't dwell on insignificant negatives. And remember trust is easy to lose and hard to regain.

Finally, remember Dad needs a new boat...or plane.
Ron McGlynn
Dad of to Julia Ryder, Senior Marketing and Partnerships at Jobble

Be Mindful and Respectful of Others

John Avellar
“Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.”
John Avellar
Dad of Sara Avellar, Customer Success Manager

Be Grateful for Every Single Day

Life is a journey, not a destination. Celebrate your successes and learn from your failures.
Dad of Kevin Suffredini, VP of Web at Jobble

You’ll Live a More Fulfilling Life When You Act While Thinking of Others

"It should always be about 'Us, We, Ours' and not just 'I, Me, My'."
Joe Bolandrina
Papa of Jesi Bolandrina, Content Marketing Manager at Jobble
Joe & Jesi Bolandrina

Thanks For All The Words of Wisdom

On behalf of the Jobble team, thank you to all of the dads, grandpas, and influential men that have helped shape our lives with their handy words of wisdom advice. We are grateful for you and are honored for the chance to spread your words every day. We pass these words of wisdom on to others through our actions, words and intentions.

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