How You Can Identify & Keep Gig Economy Talent

BY Jesi Bolandrina

24 Jun, 2020

How You Can Identify & Keep Gig Economy Talent

BY Jesi Bolandrina

Whether you hire seasonal workers or need an occasional extra hand, the gig economy workforce can be a great tool. To maximize your ROI and capitalize on the time you spend finding new gig workers, you should identify individuals who could be a longer-term solution for your business. Then, ensure they stay engaged by communicating clearly and often. If you can keep gig economy talent engaged, you can strengthen your reputation amongst a flexible workforce. This will also give your company someone to call when you’re in a tight spot.

Create a talent pipeline for your permanent team

women interviewing candidate Whenever you are looking for a temporary hire, do your best to consider future opportunities and benefits. Think about what a potential team member brings to the table before you make your decision. Be selective in your choices by looking at temporary hires as a pipeline for permanent team members. You are more likely to choose someone who would be a good fit for your company overall if you act intentionally. This will put you in a great position to keep gig economy talent you want to rehire.
Include details about your company’s values and culture in each job post. List qualities or skills your best team members practice. Encourage applicants to share why they would be a great fit overall for your team.
Some hiring companies have begun to employ the “interactive job interview” – where they bring on temporary workers, assess their work, and can extend an offer to the individuals they believe are a mutual fit. By taking this approach, you can get your work done for the day and also be proactive in sourcing new talent. You can measure a worker’s efficiency and fit with rest of your permanent staff with each shift worked.

Build trust through prompt payments

quote from sara avellar
Once you’ve identified the top-performing gig workers, consider how you can entice them to continue working with your company. One of the most important elements in a successful business and worker relationship is the business’s consistency and timeliness of payment.
“Now more than ever prompt payment is important,” says Sara Avellar, Customer Success Manager at Jobble. “Our community is one of need and the current job climate is uncertain. By paying out as soon as you can you not only help build trust in the workforce, but also help get money in the hands of the people who need it most right now.”
According to PYMNT’s May Gig Economy Tracker, “Gig workers are accustomed to hunting down late payments from companies, with 71 percent noting they have worked with firms that have paid them late or not paid at all. Platforms thus need to find solutions that can speed up freelancers’ invoicing and payment experiences or risk tarnishing their relationships with these individuals forever.”

Offer exclusive or personalized opportunities

You can also build a strong reputation if you communicate frequently and efficiently. You can do this by providing steady opportunities and inviting workers back with exclusive opportunities. Rehiring a reliable worker can prevent you from needing to make a new hire who may need additional screening or may no-show your shift.
Keep the worker’s original application on-hand so you can reference it when you have another position to fill. They may have been hired for one role but could have the experience to fill a variety of other positions.
If you’ve made up your mind to bring a gig worker onto your regular schedule, act quickly so you don’t lose them to another opportunity. It is important that you take action to keep gig economy talent once you’ve identified a great worker. A gig worker does not always have to be a temporary worker. They can in fact be a quick hire that evolves into a permanent solution.

Hire workers

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