How To Answer the Interview Question, “Why are you a good fit?”

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While hiring companies can ask any number of questions when you’re applying to a job, almost all of them will ask some version of, “Why are you a good fit?” With so many ways to answer this broad interview question, it can be difficult to feel confident that your response will stand out from the other applicants’.

We’re here telling you to stop worrying and overthinking your interview answers! This is your chance to highlight your strengths and create a great first impression. Embrace this opportunity to show a hiring manager why you would be a great addition to their team. Don’t be shy and provide concrete examples so the hiring manager couldn’t imagine themselves not hiring you.

Answer this open-ended interview question by addressing two main points in your response. First, you should show a hiring manager why you’re a qualified candidate. Then, prove that your uniqueness elevates you from the rest of the applicants.
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Think about answers they want to see

To start, look at the job post itself and try to decide what the hiring manager would be over the moon to see when you answer any interview question. It’s important to never lie, but you can dig deep and find comparable experiences that could make you a great candidate.

Think about mentioning:

  • Relevant experience you’ve obtained in past jobs
  • Any skills or certifications you have that are related to the tasks you’d be completing
  • Adjectives that describe an ideal worker for that position

When hiring managers post a job, they probably already have an idea of the type of people they want to hire. It’s on you to prove to them that you’re the match to what they’re looking for. You don’t always need to have experience in the exact role to get it. If you can show why you have the potential to fulfill the role, you just might get the chance.

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Describe why you’re different

If you find a job posting online or on an app, chances are there will be plenty of applicants who have experience and skills comparable to yours. To really stand out, you want to be able to speak to why you’re qualified and what you bring to the table that the next applicant might not. This is your chance to highlight what makes you special as you answer interview questions.

Think about mentioning:

  • Your job ethic and personality and how they are reflected in your work
  • A unique skill that would make you stand out in a team
  • A time your individuality or innovation helped your team achieve a goal

You can’t control how many other people apply or what they put on their applications, but you can take advantage of your opportunity to capture a hiring manager’s attention.

Highlight why you’d be a good fit

Here are examples of answers that show why you are qualified and why you should be chosen for a job. The first part of your answer should show why you’re qualified to be part of the team. The second part should show why you deserve the opportunity over other qualified applicants. Use these samples to craft your own answer to the hiring manager’s interview questions.

When applying for a warehousing gig:

  • I am physically fit and am comfortable lifting over 45 lbs. I will follow all instructions and safety guidelines and already have the appropriate steel-toe boots and gloves needed for the job. Warehousing is a team job and I will help others if they need it.

If you want to stand out in a delivery position:

  • I’ve driven for pizza and flower delivery companies in the past and have a clean driving record. I know being on-time is crucial and how important it is to provide good customer service when I make the delivery.

How to prove you’re the next inventory stocking guru:

  • I’m detail-oriented and thorough. I’d make sure the project is completed correctly and would ask questions if I need help. Additionally, I’m good at working quickly, keeping a clean workspace, and am eager to help others with their work if I finish early.

Answer their interview questions confidently

If you keep our advice in mind, you’ll find yourself answering your interview questions with ease. Like any other skill, you get better the more you do it. To make a name for yourself in the gig economy, we recommend that you embrace the humblebrag when as you answer interview questions. Learn how to confidently promote yourself and your experiences and you can find success in the gig world and maybe even find a long-term position.

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About the Author: Jesi Bolandrina is a former Content Marketing Manager at Jobble. She curated Jobble’s blog, articles and was the editor of The Everyday Hustle newsletter.

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