Include 4 Common Household Items On Your Home Cleaning Schedule

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Cleaning your house regularly ensures you have a tidy spot to work from home, and it protects you and your family from germs. Whether you hire a company like Handy or DIY these tasks, you might actually need to clean four common household items often. Take time out of your busy life with this simple schedule for cleaning the fridge, trash cans, sink, and shower.

How to Properly Clean These 4 Common Household Items

Emptying The Fridge

If you’re a home-based independent worker, you probably hit up your fridge multiple times a day. Keep this important appliance clean with regular attention.

  • Daily: Immediately wipe off any spills or drips from the interior or exterior. Store food and leftovers properly, too, to avoid cross-contamination or bacteria growth. Sanitize the door handles and water/ice dispenser buttons.
  • Weekly: Take everything out of the fridge, toss old or outdated items, and wipe down all the surfaces. Replace and organize items, then wipe off the outside, including the top and sides.
  • Monthly: Inspect and clean the door seal. Replace the deodorizer.
  • Occasionally: At least once every six months, replace the water filter. Also, clean under and behind the fridge, including the coils.

Cleaning Trash Cans

Maybe you take your trash cans for granted, but they can harbor nasty and dangerous bacteria. Since the average American throws away thousands of pounds of trash in a lifetime, keep your trash cans clean.

  • Daily: Change the bag every day. Wipe up any spills inside the cans, and clean off the lid and exterior with a commercial cleaner, 50:50 vinegar and water mixture, or disinfectant wipes. Sprinkle deodorizing baking soda inside or line the cans with newspaper before replacing the bags.
  • Monthly: Deep clean the trash cans with a cleaning solution and brush. While you wait for the cans to dry completely, create a work playlist.
  • Occasionally: Replace your trash cans if they start to smell funky or if you can’t remove stains and/or grime.

Taking Care of The Sinks

There’s no rule that says your sinks must sparkle at all times. But sinks can be the second germiest spot in your kitchen, after your sponge. Follow a regular cleaning schedule that disinfects your sinks.

  • Daily: Wipe residue and debris off the sink’s sides, bottom, faucet, and handles. Then disinfect these surfaces with a multipurpose cleaner or a solution of water and white vinegar or bleach.
  • Monthly: Sanitize the drains with one teaspoon of bleach and one quart of water or baking soda and vinegar. Clean the food traps and dish drainers thoroughly.
  • Occasionally: Inspect the drain stopper for wear and replace it if necessary.

Cleaning The Shower

Wash away dirt and boost your mental health with daily showers. To improve the shower’s effectiveness, clean it often.

  • Daily: Remove hair from the drain, and hang brushes or poofs to drip-dry. Spray a daily shower cleaner on all the surfaces or wipe off the walls, floor, and door with a squeegee or dry towel.
  • Weekly: Remove and wipe residue of all your shower products. Apply eco-friendly Brandless cleaner to all surfaces and scrub off the residue.
  • Monthly: Apply drain cleaner. Scrub the showerhead. Wash or replace the shower curtain.
  • Occasionally: Bleach the grout. Inspect the door seal and replace it, if necessary. Remove dirt or mildew from the ceiling.

Sanitize your home and make it sparkle when you add these four common household items to your cleaning schedule.

About the Author: Jennifer Turner writes web content for a variety of clients. As a gig worker, she understands the benefits and challenges of the industry, which is why she prioritizes daily self-care. Find her at WriterAccess.

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